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Squarenoid is a blog about Blogging. Here you can learn about blogging, learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), learn how you can make money blogging. Squarenoid was started in 2016 in an attempt to help bloggers. This blog is for bloggers, this blog is to help blogger’s and to increase their blogging business, website traffic etc. If you have a blog or want to start a blog or an online store! Then this blog is definitely going to help you.

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What is this blog all about?

We usually write about blogging tips, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), tools & product reviews/how to use, affiliate marketing etc. We write in-depth and properly explained articles. Step-By-Step how-to guides. We try to write our every blog post in detail as we believe if someone lands on our page to find a solution then they will find their complete solution there and don’t have to search for other websites to find more information about it. Still, if any user faces problem-related to the post or for any kind of help or suggestions, our comment section is always open and we respond to each and every comment (we appreciate feedbacks too).

You can trust us. We write genuine, unique articles & we’re always ready to help. Everything we post in our blog, the information is either based on personal experience or is collected (Information) from several websites.

So, Who’s behind SQUARENOID?

Meet Blog Founder – Mohan Das

Mohan Das

I’m Mohan Das, founder, and owner of the Squarenoid, blogger from India. I started blogging way back in 2012 with Blogspot with a 60k lifetime page views. With time I learned a lot and gained knowledge about blogging and now launched Squarenoid in 2016 with a dream to turn my passion (i’m too much #passionate) into a profession.

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We hope that you’ll like this blog. For any query, suggestion or feedback, feel free to tell us via our contact page.

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