Beginners Guide To Make Money with GrooveFunnels

Time is money, and money is time. I won’t be taking up a lot of yours because you can better spend that time making money with GrooveFunnels. Yes, it is entirely possible to make money with GrooveFunnels, and it is surprisingly easy to do so. This article is a Beginner’s Guide To Make Money With Groovefunnels. Without beating around the bush, let us begin:

If you aren’t familiar with Groovefunnels, here is a very brief intro for you – GrooveFunnels is an all-in-one tool that allows people to build landing pages, sales funnels, and websites where they can sell products online. GrooveFunnels is the new kid on the block, yet it has shown a ton of potential and seems to be the go-to choice of marketing platform. To know more about it, read this A to Z GrooveFunnels guide.

Several ways are using which one can generate an income via Groovefunnels. I will discuss some of the strategies that have seen an impressive amount of success rate.


This is pretty straightforward. If you looked up this article, I am sure you are familiar with buying and selling works. However, what we constitute as “products” here can differ. We are talking about digital products here. The best example of a digital product is a course. With the current state of the world pushing us into online courses much faster than expected, this industry is on the moon and is not returning.

Groovefunnels provides you with access to several powerful tools that help you with the selling, hosting, creating, and delivering process of your product. Taking an example, Groovesell is an extremely helpful tool that takes care of all the payments and processing and allows you to create Free Trials, Upsell pages, Downsell pages etc.

Again, the name might give it away if you are familiar with the concept. Here, if you decide to go with Affiliate marketing, you will make money by simply promoting Groovefunnels. It is such a main method to make money because of how easy it is to market Groovefunnels. In this day and age, everyone wants to start their own business. Everyone wants to create a website and start doing business online. Seeing how Groovefunnels saves a ton of time by getting rid of the hassle one faces while creating an online business website, promoting it shouldn’t be a big deal. Major talking points include:

1. Free Hosting
2. Email Marketing
3. Creating Websites
4. Customer Support Interface

And many more, these are just the ones that popped in my head first. Anyways, as for how you make money via affiliate marketing, here is how it works:
– After you have convinced someone to purchase the software since you were the one that referred it to them, Groovefunnels will now pay you a commission
– If you are a Lifetime Member or Paying Customer of the company, you can make 40% of commission on the product
– If you are not a Lifetime Member or Paying Customer, you will make a 20% commission on any plan, one-time or recurring.


Looks don’t matter; they make all the difference. For some businesses, it does not matter what the website looks like. Perhaps you are selling a very basic product, or maybe your target audience doesn’t care about your websites’ appearance. However, for some clients, an aesthetically pleasing website could make all the difference. Think about your product and brand and align your designs in accordance with it.

If you are designing a funnel for yourself, you could probably do it for others as well. Designing is a skill and learning how to use software takes a ton of time and practice. Time and practice, most people aren’t willing to give up. So, you can approach businesses, companies, and individuals and offer building sales funnels for them. In return, you can charge whatever amount you deem appropriate.

ConclusionI initially planned on ending the article there, but I thought I could expand further on the point above. If you can design websites and sell funnels to your clients, there are numerous other digital services that you can offer to them which they might potentially be interested in like:

1. Running their Affiliate marketing schemes
2. Graphic design for social media marketing
3. Managing membership websites and advertisements
4. Email Sequences

The list goes on…

Some strategies are fairly straightforward and easy, while others require a bit more time and practice. Both, at the end of the day, can help you make money, though. This was Beginner’s Guide to make money with Groovefunnels, so there is still much to explore. There is certainly money to be made on Groovefunnels provided you know what you are doing. I hope this article helps you!

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