Top 10 Best Blogging Apps for iPad (Must have for Bloggers)

Got an iPad and searching for the best blogging apps for iPad to install? You have visited the right page. You may already have some blogging apps installed on your iPad.

In this article, I’ve handpicked the top 10 most popular, most used, must have blogging apps on your iPhone for bloggers.

Here are the Best Blogging Apps for iPad:

1. WordPress App

Wordpress ipad

If you are a blogger and have a WordPress site, it is much likely that you have come across this app and you have installed on your iPad. This is the official free app from the WordPress team, and it does let you do a ton of things of your WordPress blog and does work great for the purpose of blogging directly from the iPad.

Most people have been using it to reply to comments, to check stats and to do a very quick edit of every post. In particular, if you are running the personal blog, WordPress app on the iPad is going to make the blogging much easier.

Publish blog updates from any place of the globe, and you will be able to update your site with your iPad. You can also be able to create drafts which you can publish at a future date. Get to have a closer look at the visitors of your site.

Get to track the most popular stories of the day on your lunch break as you discover where the readers are coming from all over the world.

Get to catch up with the favorite sites and be able to join conversation anywhere and anytime. You can follow up on the popular tags, get to browse new blog posts in Reader, and you can leave likes as well as comments.

The app is going to help you keep up with the site activity even when you are away from your desktop. You can check the notifications to keep a conversation going with the followers of your blog. You will engage with the community via the touch of a button on the screen.

2. Flipboard for iPad

Flipboard ipad

When it does come to the reading apps, the Flipboard, as well as Zite, are some of my favorite feed readers for the iPad. This is such a perfect app if you are among the people planning to use the iPad to keep track of the latest news.

You can integrate the Flipboard with Twitter, Google Reader, Facebook, and custom searches. This magazine-style look does make the reading experience much more comfortable.

Flipboard has continued to reign as best of best. It is a neat visual newsreader as well as social network hub which lets you organize the info you want to look at, then get to flip through it like you would on a magazine.

This app does allow you to create a custom magazine from sources you love most so that you can browse through the favorite topics, share the magazine with the others or even find a magazine about the topics you may be interested with the others.

In their new and latest updates, Flipboard makes the finding of the new topics much easier. Flipboard has continued to be among the top-rated newsreaders on the iPad since the year 2012 as it does a very great job to use the touchscreen to its advantage.

With the use of gestures as well as swipes, you can flip through pages of topics you love and ability to connect to the social networks does mean that stories from your friends on the Facebook, Twitter as well as other networks get to be peppered in among the most conventional news stories.

To get started, you’ll need to create an account, then you sign in to Facebook as well as Twitter accounts.

You also do have an option to connect with LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, and other accounts if you do want to pull in the content from any of the networks. You have the option of getting to choose the topics which you love.

3. TechSmith Fuse

Techsmith fuse ipad

Camtasia, as well as SnagIt, are the two favorite desktop tools for the video as well as image capturing respectively. All of this software does come from the TechSmith and for those using them, they have positive responses to give.

Fuse is the iOS app that is going to let you transfer photos from the iPad to the SnagIt and from here, you can be able to edit it on the desktop. Fuse is a free app, and you should be able to use with the SnagIt. There are several tutorials that are available on using the application.

With the TechSmith Fuse, it becomes very easy to get the photos as well as videos from the mobile device into favorite TechSmith products, Camtasia, SnagIt, and TechSmith Relay. You have an option of choosing to import the existing photos and videos or even capture anything new using the app’s built-in Camera.

The images can easily be annotated with the freehand drawing tool and get to share them instantly with your own colleagues through the TechSmith Relay, and all this is done while you are on the move.

Do you need to take advantage of editing power when it comes to SnagIt as well as Camtasia? All you will need to do is to upload the mobile captures from the TechSmith Fuse to either program or go on to create custom and sharable content.

Some of the known features for this product does include: Sending of multiple images or videos from the mobile device at once, connecting to the local network so as to aid in giving a fast and more secure transfer. Use the content imported from your camera roll.

Previewing images as well as videos before you get to send them. Capturing of images or even recording video within this app and send it directly to Camtasia, SnagIt or even TechSmith Relay.

4. Evernote and Dropbox

Evernote dropbox ipad

Well, I don’t think these two apps needs any introduction. Among the best merits of Evernote and Dropbox is the fact that they are available across several platforms. Making the app available on the iPad, they easily and quickly slid into a list of the must-have apps.

Having this app on the iPad is going to help you keep everything in sync. These two have become among the most used apps. Evernote was one of the earliest leaders in digital note-taking space. In very many ways, it has been able to shape expectations about what the note take app should do and how it is supposed to look.

It has risen to become one of the most capable services that you are going to find, supporting a wide variety of note types which includes images, texts, audio memo, scanned documents as well as checklists. With the excellent tools for ensuring you are able to organize and search notes as well.

It has apps for all the major platforms, and with the Business account, you can use the Evernote for the real-time chat as well as collaboration with the colleagues. One of the most exciting features of this application is the capability it has to search text that is found in the images easily.

If you get to snap a photo of the fore rent sign and you get to save it in the Evernote account, you will later be able to find a note by searching for word ‘rent.’ It has been able to integrate with the other apps and tools which you can use including Google Drive, Slack or even the Salesforce.

Evernote does handle all the syncing as well as storage. Basic members are able to get 60MBstorage every month in which they can store their files.

5. Skype for iPad

Skype ipad

For any blogger, the importance of a blogger can never be underestimated. Irrespective of where you may be traveling, there is a need to have something available that you can be able to hook you up to chat quickly or even video chat whenever it is necessary.

Skype is one such app, and I can recommend it to be a new or even experienced blogger as it is one of the most used professional free messenger apps.

Many people have been wondering what they can be able to do with Skype. Here are some of the things which you can do with the Skype application:

  • Get to communicate easily with people in your life through the free Skype to Skype video/audio calls, low rate calling to the mobiles and the landlines around the world.
  • Message: You can send photos, videos, emoticons, Mojis as well as react to the messages and many more.
  • Groups: There are free group video as well as audio calling for a maximum of twenty-five participants, group chat with a maximum of 300 people, plan or even play with the bots or add-ins and the personalized features.

Getting to upgrade to the new version of Skype can result in deletion from the older conversations.To save the photos and the videos which were previously sent or even received in the older version of Skype, first save this content to the camera roll or photo gallery before you upgrade to new skype.

It is important to note that Skype to Skype calls, the messages are free when used on the unlimited data plan or the Wi-Fi connection. Sometimes, the operator charges may actually apply.

6. Pocket App

Pocket app

You can be able to use Pocket Capture and easily capture content that does come all day long.

You will be able to curate your own space which is filled with the topics which you do care about. Get to save latest stories, news, videos, and sports from any of the device, publisher or even an app.

You will be able to fuel the mind with watching, reading or even a listening experience which is designed to come to your eyes, fresh focus and free hands.

With the app, you will easily be able to save the latest magazine articles, videos, recipes, web pages, how to or even anything which you are able to discover online. With the app, you have the freedom to subscribe to any page you love irrespective of which publisher it is coming from.

Some of the user favorites does include; The Guardian, Flipboard and the Washington Post. The layout of the app is very clean, and a well-customized display will provide you with a very relaxing reading experience. It is going to allow you to fully concentrate on whatever article or blog you may be going through.

The app has a feature which allows you to listen to articles. These means you can be able to listen to these articles irrespective of whatever you may be doing.

Users of the Power App have an option to upgrade to the premium version with more features such as Advanced search, automatic article backups, and unlimited highlights.

7. Twitter for iPad

Twitter ipad

This is one of the most dedicated iPad apps from the Twitter Company. It is excellent for any premium or even paid Twitter apps for the iPads, This Twitter app for the iPad does support the management of the multiple Twitter accounts, a neat interface to easily monitor the timeline.

Before you are able to read any of the premium Twitter apps, I would go on and suggest that you go and try the official Twitter app on the iPad.

From the breaking news and the entertainment to sports and politics, you will have an update which is going around you. Whatever happens all over the world has been known to be reported at the Twitter account. Get to watch the live streaming events at the touch of a button.

Get to watch premium as well as exclusive streams directly from the mobile device. There is no account that is required for this. Get to watch with a tap or even get to sit back and watch as the events unfold from all over the world.

You will easily get to experience dynamic media such as photos, GIFs and videos. You can be able to write a tweet and let the world known what is happening in your surrounding but for this, you will need to sign up.

8. BlogTouch Pro

Blogtouch pro

BlogTouch Pro has become powerful and easy to use blog editor for each and every WordPress bloggers. This application does perform all functions to manage the unlimited number of blogs on the iPad.

The functions can either be editing, adding or even removing posts, comments and pages just like you easily manage everything in the WordPress dashboard.

You are not going to resist loving this blog editor reason being that most of the times, you cannot be able to manage to sit in front of the computer all the times, but you can take with you the iPad without hassle and start to type anywhere or even sometimes schedule the post to publish at a later date.

In particular, if you a person who loves to travel, BlogTouch app on the iPad is going to make the task much easier than ever before. This app also does take care of the work privacy as you can be able to set an application password in order to protect the data from being lost.

9. Weebly

Weebly ipad

We are at the age where the mobile responsiveness is a feature that most websites have incorporated. This means that you can easily access the website from your phone or even a tablet. Weebly app does let you create a website, blog or even store directly from the iPad.

This app site integration characteristic takes care of the site stats and does help you to stay connected on fly responding to each and every contact from the inquiries from the mobile staff.

Weebly does have intuitive drag and drop page builder which creates a very beautiful website within few minutes. You can be able to upload images from the gallery collection or even directly from the photo library.

This app does also provide the pre-built free responsive templates which you can be able to use within just a click of a button.

It does also take care of the most required payment integration, instantly accepting payments from the Stripe, PayPal or even Square from the iPad itself. Overall, this entire experience with the Weebly is going to make work easier and handy.

10. Tumblr

Tumblr ipad

With this application, you can be able to perform all the stuff that you love to say whenever you are blogging or even sharing pictures, songs, gifts, and videos.

Tumblr can be a very interesting app for people who are posting or even reblogging. You can be able to join a community of people who are in love with the same stuff as yours and start exchanging information and ideas with each other.

It is much easy to start a conversation with people; you can be able to reblog a post to the Tumblr timeline and add the comment or even send the personal message to initiate, whoever does suit the occasion.

Tumblr does have seven posts types to get started, and you can use it the way you like in the blog. These do include photo, text, link, quote, audio and video.

Get to have fun as you make friends and share the work you have created to a maximum while at the same time you are working.

Some more popular blogging apps for the iPad:

I hope you must have found some new and helpful blogging app for iPad in the list above. So let me know which are your favorite blogging app for iPad? Did I miss any app which must be added to the list above? Do let me know in the comments section below.

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