Top 10 Best Blogging Apps for iPhone (Must have for Bloggers)

Got an iPhone and searching for the best blogging apps for iPhone to install? You have visited the right page. You may already have some blogging apps installed on your iPhone. In this article, I’ve handpicked the top 10 most popular, most used, must have blogging apps on your iPhone for bloggers.

Here are the Best Blogging Apps for iPhone:

1. App

Wordpress app iphone

If you have started a blog on then this app is for you. has been known for creating free WordPress blogs as you can manage the Also, you can create self-hosted sites.

The app has been made for both iOS and desktop computers. It allows you to easily write and also edit posts on the move, manage comments, easily share the photos and also get the push notifications.

The only drawback of this app is that the features such as stats, you’ll need to create account and also install JetPack on your site.

However, it is very important to note that some of the features are optional and allows you to use this app without using these features.

With this app, you do not have to wait to access the laptop so as to post your photos on your blog. You are able to keep track of the blogs that you follow in the personal feed.

2. Ulysses

Ulysses iphone

Are you searching for a killer experience while using your iPhone? then you will need to check out Ulysses. This is an award-winning app, and you are going to get great writing experience while you are using it.

What this app does is getting out of the way when you are writing which allows you to be very productive even when you are using a smaller screen. This is a writing app which is able to work with the WordPress and the Medium.

You can be able to share as well as open files with the Notes, DropBox, Google Drive and more. It does come with the intuitive organization for all the writing projects which makes it very easy to stay organized whenever you are on the move.

Text editing does use markdown syntax which allows you to easily write freely without to constantly tap small buttons to add or even format the links.

This is an app which is worth buying. Here are some of the things which that you will love: Streamlined interface will keep you writing the moment you start.

There are other helpful tools, and they stay away until the moment when they are needed. The library syncs work to all the devices.

There is very easy publishing in various formats. Once you have it, writing as well as editing will be much pleasant as possible and does provide all the tools which you need.

You are going to get major benefits including:

  • The distraction-free environment.
  • Statistics, as well as the tool that you are needed for you to be productive, are available.
  • The library is able to organize as well as arrange the content.
  • Search tools are available, and they are able to help you locate documents as well as information.
  • The versatile export function is available so that you can easily publish your work.

The app is paid version, but it has a free version which is available for fourteen days. To continue using it, you will need to go on and subscribe either monthly or even yearly.

3. Feedly

Feedly iphone

Have you always wanted to read all the favorite websites as well as blogs on the move? Then, there you should check out Feedly.

It has become the smartest way you can be able to subscribe to the favorite websites which you love and then you can be able to read them whenever and wherever you want without much hassle.

One of the advantages you get when you are using this app is you can read the blogs on any device, and it is available for the browsers, iOS, desktop, Android and much more.

Many people have said that it is one of the best RSS feed reader available in the market. It does offer a clean and very clear reading experience and intelligently tracking what you have been reading, and very easy tools to help you organize the subscriptions.

The view experience is buttery smooth and content quickly loads. These two factors make the app efficient when using it.

You have several layout version which is available depending on your reference. You can easily be able to import all the existing Google Reader feeds to this app, and they will instantly be running.

If you are just beginning, all you will need is just to register for an account or even signing in with the existing Google Profile. From there, you have a lot of collection from where you can choose from.

You can search for the sources or even enter exact RSS feed if you are not getting what you are looking for. The moment you start adding sources, you can go ahead and sign them to various categories and start to organize the news feed.

For those who were not able to experience Google Reader, the RSS feed reader had developed and grown to become the perfect solution so that you can ingest news without all noise.

There can never be anything more useful material than the subjects as well as the items which you can be able to categorize and specify them.

When there were enough and well-categorized sources, Google went on and announced that it was discontinuing the service as a result of the declining customer base. Well, Feedly came to the rescue.

4. Snapseed

Snapseed iphone

One of the things that have made the iPhone have a large customer base is its excellent camera feature. After you have taken the photos, you may get the need to edit them while you are on the go.

Sadly, out of the box, it does not come with the advanced image editing tool which can be able to do all thing you want to do. Well, worry not as this is where Snapseed does come in.

The app has been created by Google, and it is an advanced photo editing app suitable for the mobile device. Interestingly, it has been made available for both the iPhone and Android has some amazing features such as healing brush, filters, color and the light balance among many more.

You are going to be surprised how easy the Snapseed does make it be able to use taps as well as gestures for the advanced editing features. This app is a must-have for the iPhone if you are among the people that love to share their photos from the phone.

Snapseed has gone and surpassed all the other general apps that edit photos that have been tested in terms of professional quality as well as control.

It has been known to be the closest app to the Photoshop CC for mobile devices. Snapseed is not for any casual user but for the people who have fallen in love with Photography who do need to spend time creating the best possible images while on the move.

For the detail-oriented photographers, the Snapseed can be both fun as well as addictive. We have always found ourselves get to enjoy through a range of exposure, masking, color as well as reshaping tools.

As a result of the editing being non-destructive, you can easily navigate into the stack as well as adjust or even eliminate any edit. You can also be able to use stacks brush so that you can apply the effect to the only portion of the picture.


Ifttt iphone

Have always had a wish that there could be a way to automate various aspects of blogging and social media? IFTTT is the new virtual assistant you have wished for. It does allow you to automate social media, mobile usage and the internet of things.

What you need to do, you just go ahead and set the conditions for the different apps, and when the conditions get to be matched, IFTTT does perform actions which you have been able to define. For instance, it can be able to tweet the new articles you have as well as share the articles on Facebook and much more.

IFTTT enables you to easily connect apps as well as services which would not communicate with each other. The web interface has a very bright, modern and inviting design with bold colors as well as the large card style elements.

Across the top, the app shows tabs for Search, Discover, Activity and My Applets. On the right-hand side of this screen, you can easily click on the profile icon so that you can create a new applet, be able to manage the connected services as well as access the account settings.

From the account settings section, you have an option of connecting the profile picture from the other service such as Facebook, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. You have the option of enabling two-step authentication for much more secure sign-ins.

Discover tab does highlight a few numerous collections of the applets of note including those aimed at the photographers or even the space enthusiasts. Below that, it does recommend applets which may interest you, and this is based on what you have already created or even enabled.

The IFTTT does open a dedicated page for an applet with a much more detailed description. You can be able to enable applet directly from here and also see who was able to create it. Also, you can see how many people see it or whatever apps it is able to combine.

6. Google Authenticator

Gauth iphone

When it comes to WordPress security, one of the most important tips is the need to enable the two steps verification for the WordPress Login Screen.

Well, the app you need to do this is Google Authenticator. It does generate very time sensitive passwords which you are going to need to enter together with the WordPress Password.

Since the passwords have got to be generated on the mobile device and for a short period of time, the hackers will not have an easy time breaking to your website.

This application comes for free, and it is both available for both the Android as well as iOS. The process of using it is very simple, and even the beginners will not have a hard when using it.

What you will be required to do is to ensure that you have enabled the two-factor authentication on services such as Gmail, Dropbox, and Facebook. The moment it has been enabled, this service is going to go ahead and take a snapshot of the QR code using this application.

It is important to note that sites are different. However, for the sites which work with the Google authenticator, they are going to have an option where you can be able to scan barcode whenever you are setting up the 2FA. Later on, you go on and open this app, you press the + button, and you go ahead to scan this account.

In this app, you are going to be constantly updating the 2FA code which you can be able to use without the need of having it texted to you.

The moment you get to sign in to this account, get to enter the code and then voila you are in. Most of the sites tend to verify the code in the Authenticator is able to work before you begin using it to the login.

7. LastPass

Lastpass iphone

With an increase in internet usage, it has also come with some risks. Currently, there are identity thieves, cyber-attacks and malware lurking in dark corners of the internet.

The first line of defense to safeguard yourself from various threats is the use of passwords. Anytime you want to create a password, ensure you are able to come up with a very strong and unique password for all the online accounts.

Now, the major question that arises is how to keep track of the strong passwords which you have created. Well, you do not need. LastPass is a very powerful password manager app which does work on all the browsers as well as operating systems, and iPhone.

It does allow you to save and enter the password automatically. You can be able to share the password safely with the co-workers without them knowing your password.

LastPass has grown and became the biggest password manager. Despite there being a huge competition, it is very easy to see why it is able to stay at the top.

This service has been able to strike a good balance of being able to provide very many features without it getting to overwhelm users with options and software is intuitive. In addition, it is very fast across the numerous supported platforms.

LastPass does offer some of the most feature rich of any of the password manager which we tested. The huge difference that you can be able to sync the passwords as well as data across the various devices, a feature that you can get in the premium password manager.

It does also use the unlimited passwords, the password generator and secure note storage. With the premium version, it does support up to a maximum of six users.

An alternative to this app is 1Password or Authy.

8. Pushbullet

Pushbullet iphone

Pushbullet is one of the neatest apps which allows you to share files between the devices which you have. It does work on Android, iPhone, all operating systems plus the major browsers.

This is able to come in handy when you need to share a file from a device to the other without the need to sync all the files. Also, it allows you to view the notifications from the phone in the browser or even the desktop.

You can also be able to view and at the same time send text messages to the phone from the desktop. The most amazing feature about the Pushbullet is the fact that once you are able to install it and later sign into the app, irrespective of whether it is on a device or even in a browser, it gets added automatically added on to an account or even the list of devices.

Later, when it is time to get to sign to the app, you will simply select that device you do want to send items or even choose All devices.

9. Hootsuite

Hootsuite iphone

While default social media apps are able to work fine for the majority of the users, they do miss out on very many features which you will need as a blogger, business owner or even an online marketer.

Some of the features in this app does include scheduling, analytics, social media monitoring, unified dashboard, collaboration and much more.

Hootsuite has been probably the most popular app which offers all the features under the beautiful and simplified dashboard.

10. Evernote

Evernote iphone

Evernote has been the number one choice among the very many bloggers as the favorite note taking app.

The app is a powerful and very intuitive allowing you to take notes, set reminders, save links as well as share them across all the devices which you have.

You can also be able to share notes with anybody who is using Evernote or even the third party app on the device.

On top of this, Evernote does seem to work seamlessly with the pass such as Feedly, Google Drive, Notes and much more.

Some more popular blogging apps for iPhone:

Also check out to schedule Instagram, Facebook & other social media posts. Bulkly automatically drips status updates to your Buffer OR Hoostuite account where Buffer OR Hootsuite will post it on your behalf.

I hope you must have found some new and helpful blogging app for the iPhone in the list above. So let me know which are your favorite blogging app for iPhone? Did I miss any app which must be added to the list above? Do let me know in the comments section below.

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