Top 10 Best Cameras for YouTube Videos – Reviews (2023)

Are you looking for the best camera for YouTube?

In the recent past, we have witnessed a massive growth in YouTube Videos. Many people are making a lot of money from YouTube.

Among the requirements that you need for this is to ensure that you have an excellent camera. A good camera is essential to make sure that the pictures will be very clear.

Did you know that the best camera need not be the most expensive? You may find yourself spending a lot of cash on unnecessary expenditure and find that even the camera isn’t worth the money.

With the growth of the number of cameras that are released onto the market, it proves to be a considerable burden to select it.

You may spend a lot of time but even yet not have the best.

This article will discuss the Top 10 Best Cameras for YouTube Videos.

  1. Canon G7x Mark II (Best Point & Shoot for YouTube)

Canon g7x mark ii

If you are looking for one of the best cameras to do vlogging with, well, you might have to consider Canon Powershot G7X Mark II.

The model has gained a lot of popularity after it was established. It was able to achieve so much success to the extent that Canon decided to upgrade it.

Currently, Canon Powershot G7X Mark II is among the best cameras in the market that we have for Vlogging.

What makes this Camera good for Vlogging?

This model does maintain what made its predecessors be counted among the best cameras for the Vlog recording.

It also does physical and even performance improvements. This camera still has a flip-up screen, is high-speed and has an accurate autofocus.

The similar excellent lens and responsiveness are still available. It does allow the manual controls, supports RAW and contains Wi-Fi and a touchscreen.

You may find a non-shaky image while you are walking around. You are at will to use the flip screen to check that you are in the shot.

The lens is high-speed and will let you achieve a blurry background if you choose to.

The NFC and the WiFi connections will quickly allow you to upload all the recordings that you may have into your personal computer. This will ensure that it’s not a must to use the cables.

Canon G7x Mark II Review

Top 10 Best Cameras for YouTube Videos - Reviews (2023) 1



  • The Flip Screen
  • Small and very light.
  • A low light performance which is good.
  • Amazing image stabilization.
Top 10 Best Cameras for YouTube Videos - Reviews (2023) 2



  • Not as much as pocket-friendly as compared with other compact cameras.

  1. Sony RX100 Mark V (Best 4k for YouTube)

Sony rx100 v

This camera is suitable for those people who have no worries about the lenses.

Sony RX100 Mark V does offer the highest video quality for purposes of vlogging. It is among the first camera from the lineup of RX100 to have a flip screen.

It does come with excellent image stabilization. This will let you record as you move without making the video shaky.

The icing on the cake is that it is able to record 4K video. It has an excellent max lens aperture for a compact camera.

This camera will let you record good videos even with low lights indoors or on foggy days outdoors.

Because of the wide aperture, you can easily get a blurred background. This is among the reasons that make it a high-end camera. It also has a full manual mode available.

This camera does have good quality and also good video quality, but it may not be the best option if you want it for vlogging only. Some cooler features are missing from this camera.

Sony RX100 V Review

Top 10 Best Cameras for YouTube Videos - Reviews (2023) 1



  • 4K recording ability in your pocket.
  • It is small and relatively light.
  • The camera has a high-quality lens.
  • 960fps slow-motion
Top 10 Best Cameras for YouTube Videos - Reviews (2023) 2



  • No external mic jack
  • Small sensor does affect its low-light performance

  1. Canon 5D Mark IV (Best 4k DSLR Camera for YouTube)

Canon eos 5d mark iv

Canon 5D Mark IV has been considered among the bets DSLR since it did hit the market four years ago.

This is one of the best products from Canon. The camera has seen Canon earn respect from some of the best professional photographers.

The camera can capture pictures of the highest quality. This is achieved even when one is recording a video. It has been an outstanding camera that has earned the respect of a lot of people.

The fantastic colors, low light performance, and sharpness are some of the things that make this camera unique.

The autofocus is high-speed and is spot-on. This camera has been designed with a viewfinder.

Canon 5D Mark IV Review

Top 10 Best Cameras for YouTube Videos - Reviews (2023) 1



  • It has impressive recording quality.
  • Impressive low light performance.
  • 4K recording.
Top 10 Best Cameras for YouTube Videos - Reviews (2023) 2



  • Flip screen not available.

  1. Canon 80 D (Best Video DSLR for Youtubers)

Canon eos 80d

The next latest EOS series is 80D after the 70D. It is a higher mid-range DSLR camera which makes for a very solid camera for both the professional and semi-professional vlogging.

If you are having a low-end camera and want a professional one, grab this one for you.

The camera has 24.2 MP and APS-CMOS drive core of the 80D. Even though the 4K video does not come with this model, it still does shoot 1080p at a speed of sixty frames in every second.

It has compatibility with the Canon Entire line of EF and the EF-S lenses. You get lot of options that you can choose from. Also, there are third-party licenses that you can look at. This does offer you more chances of finding lenses that are going to suit you.

The improved autofocus modes do work better than the AF modes on the 70D that uses Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus technology.

With a simple touch on the screen, it will be able to keep the camera locked to the target. The smooth and lightning quick autofocus is available as a result of the upgraded AF tech.

If you do not know the Canon Dual Pixel Automatic focus, it does split the pixels on the sensor. Each of the divided pixels senses light coming from both sides of the lens. This particular feature is used in order to focus in on the subject.

Canon EOS 80D Review

Top 10 Best Cameras for YouTube Videos - Reviews (2023) 1



  • The DLSR is made for video recording.
  • The battery life is good.
Top 10 Best Cameras for YouTube Videos - Reviews (2023) 2



  • No 4K recording available.

  1. Sony a6500 (Best 4k Mirrorless Camera for YouTube)

Sony a6500

This would be one of the best cameras when it comes to Vlogging. All that it needs is an effortless change that would make it perfect.

When it does come to Vlogging, the Sony camera does not have a flip screen. This is so unfortunate. I have had very many vloggers that record videos with it and have said that it is a matter of just getting used to it.

The fact that you cannot tell if it is recording or not is unfortunate. Not all is lost.

The best thing about this camera is that it has excellent autofocus that will be able to find in a mirrorless.

The only model that can be compared to this is DSLR Canon EOS 80D. It has a 4K recording quality that can be compared to some of the most expensive cameras.

Its light is not much, and it has an APS-C sensor. The internal stabilization is very good, and it got an external microphone port.

These are some of the features that do make it very good for the vloggers. These are some of the coolest features that cannot just be ignored.

Sony A6500 Review

Top 10 Best Cameras for YouTube Videos - Reviews (2023) 1



  • The Image quality is comparable to A7S II.
  • It has a reliable autofocus system.
  • The camera is among the most luggable APS-C mirrorless.
Top 10 Best Cameras for YouTube Videos - Reviews (2023) 2



  • It has no flip screen.

  1. Panasonic G7 (Cheapest 4K Mirrorless Camera)

Panasonic g7

This camera is the best budget for the beginner to the intermediate vlogger. Despite some people considering it to be a younger brother to Panasonic GH4, it is indeed a camera that has been designed with lots of cool features.

Nowadays, almost everyone does expect 1080p. Even if it does mean buffering, the audience is not going to settle for some outdated 480p video or even worse. This is the point where G7 does come good.

Here are the major highlights when it comes to shooting the videos with G7:

  • It does shoot in the UHD 4K at either 30fps, 60fps or 1080p.
  • It has been integrated with the plethora of autofocus modes.
  • The camera is lightweight.
  • The Wi-Fi connection and the real-time mobile app control does make the remote to seem obsolete.

There is no doubt that this camera was designed for easy traveling. The design has ensured you will not have a hard time walking with it. You can have a field day with this camera.

It is essential to understand that you will need an external mic for the vlogging to have even the basic audio.

At a very close range, it is not terrible, but as you go further from the subject, the audio is not audible. They have included an external mic port.

The camera has implemented several autofocus features. One of the aspects getting to shoot vlogs will be to declare crucial to an amazing experience for the audience.

The camera has a Megapixel of 16. It also has an enhanced image processor. When it does come to video, you may be looking at 30fps 4K shooting at a speed of 100mbps.

Also, you are only limited to under thirty minutes of the 4K in a single clip.

Panasonic G7 Review

Top 10 Best Cameras for YouTube Videos - Reviews (2023) 1



  • The Camera is made for the videos as it has IS, mic port and a flip screen.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is the best buy, especially for the mid-range vlogging camera.
Top 10 Best Cameras for YouTube Videos - Reviews (2023) 2



  • It has a Plastic Body.

  1. Canon VIXIA HF G40 (Best Camcorder for YouTube)

Canon vixia hf g40

Many people do not consider camcorders as the primary equipment for shooting videos in general. This is primarily for the YouTube videos.

There are several reasons as to why this assumption has been taken. To begin with, the camcorders have very small sensors-sometimes even smaller than the compacts.

This does make them poor performers when it comes to low light recording. We have an increasing influence of the DSLRs and the mirrorless.

They do provide an excellent video quality with very extensive lens options for interchangeability.

The question that follows is, why to use the camcorder for the YouTube Videos. In simple terms, they are built for shooting a video for more extended periods of time.

Other types of cameras are usually not limited to twenty-nine minutes of video. They can overheat if they are used for an extended period.

Camcorders are your best choice if you are going to record for hours. However, it is not common to find a YouTube channel with this type of requirement.

This camera was built to shoot awesome videos. This camera has 1/2.84 inch sensor size when compared to camcorders that usually have smaller sensors.

It does produce the high-quality video. 4K is very amazing for the vloggers but the audience, it is still considered as a luxury.

Among the things that have set this camera to be unique is a plethora of the manual shooting option. With this, you get to have full control of shots that you want.

It has a unique look with the major highlight being the Gamma Mode. This is a type of HDR like mode. It is used to make more compressed videos.

The camera comes equipped with an electronic viewfinder that does offer amazing crisp details. It also has two SD card slots.

Canon Vixia HF G40 Review

Top 10 Best Cameras for YouTube Videos - Reviews (2023) 1



  • The touchscreen is large and detailed.
  • It does have a great manual shooting option.
  • The camera sensor camcorder is very large.
Top 10 Best Cameras for YouTube Videos - Reviews (2023) 2



  • There is No 4k in a mid-range.

  1. Canon HF R800 (Affordable Camcorder for YouTube)

Canon vixia hf r800

The Canon line of VIXIA HF series cameras has always had an excellent reception from the camera lovers.

It has been well received primarily by the people who do want the functionality of a full-fledged video camera. This is the latest edition that is available in the market.

A few things have been updating in comparison to R700. As stated above, having to choose a camcorder for vlogging is usually not the best choice.

DSLRs are the most popular among the vloggers because of their high quality and also the large sensors.

If you are tight on budget, the camcorder will still work fine for you. This camera is mainly used in conditions that are not indoors or have low-light available.

The combination of the simplicity is a perfect feature set. This camera will be a great back up plan for the intermediate vlogger.

The camera only shoots in MP4 video format. This may not be suitable for those people that are looking for higher quality compression.

Despite this, it can shoot 1080p video at 60fps and 35Mbps. This is more than enough if you have any plans of uploading the video on YouTube.

R800 does use a similar image processor used for the Canon DSLRs which is a very nice implementation. It is a very good processor that does a unique job for cutting the extra noise from the sensor signal.

It is still a camcorder with the very small sensor. Hence image noise cannot be avoided.

There are many image stabilization features that are present here. They do use the camera’s five Axis IS. What this means is that the image stabilization does correct the video on the horizontal roll and vertical roll.

The camera seems to have been made especially for a family. You can still use it as an outdoor backup. Here is something that is a drawback when it comes to this camera: This camcorder does not come with internal storage or even Wi-Fi.

Canon VIXIA HF R800 Review

Top 10 Best Cameras for YouTube Videos - Reviews (2023) 1



  • It is effortless to use.
  • The camera is inexpensive.
  • It is extremely light.
Top 10 Best Cameras for YouTube Videos - Reviews (2023) 2



  • Not suitable for the indoors.
  • No internal storage.
  • No Wi-Fi.

  1. GoPro Hero 6 (Best Sports & Action Camera for YouTube)

Gopro hero 6

GoPro Hero 6 does automatically send the footage directly to your phone through an app that does turn it into a swift story. This is a very impressive way to edit the videos.

Hero6 can deliver two times the performance when compared to Hero5. The camera is going to give improved images that are of very high quality.

With the most advanced video stabilization, Hero6 does capture smooth footage irrespective whether it is handheld or mounted to a gear.

One of the things that have made me fall in love with this camera is the fact that it is waterproof. You have fewer worries about it getting damaged by water.

The camera has a touch zoom and also an updated UI. The two-inch display does make it very easy for you to be able to frame the shots, play the back footage and even make changes where it is necessary.

The camera also has 5 GHz Wi-Fi, which does allow to copy the photos and videos in a super-fast way.

If you want to avoid shaky and unstabilized images then go for aGimbal Stabilizer for GoPro.

GoPro Hero 6 Review

Top 10 Best Cameras for YouTube Videos - Reviews (2023) 1



  • The image sensor is improved.
  • Battery life is super impressive.
  • The camera has an LCD back screen.
Top 10 Best Cameras for YouTube Videos - Reviews (2023) 2



  • Touch screen responsiveness can be an issue.

  1. Logitech C920 (Best Webcam for YouTube)

Logitech c920

Logitech did manage to come up with a webcam that is inexpensive but does provide the highest quality regarding the image.

Webcams are cheaper when they are compared to cameras and other recording tools. It would be the main choice for the vloggers.

The features of this webcam make it easy for it to take the place of some of the most expensive cameras in some situations.

Logitech C920 is among the best webcams with the highest image quality right now.

You can find most manufacturers lying about the capability of a product. Not for this! Its quality is superior compared to other webcams in the market. It can record in 720p and also offers a resolution of 640×360.

The camera does use its processor when it is encoding the video. What this means is that your computer will have less loading times. This feature does make this camera great for gaming.

Many webcams can only tilt. However, for this camera, it can tilt, pan and even zoom in.

Logitech C920 Review

Top 10 Best Cameras for YouTube Videos - Reviews (2023) 1



  • It can tilt, pan and zoom in.
  • The camera has a fast processor for encoding the video.
  • It has a very high image quality.
Top 10 Best Cameras for YouTube Videos - Reviews (2023) 2



  • The camera does not have an excellent zoom.

Choose your Best Camera for YouTube (Buying guide)

Best cameras for youtube

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Which video camera type to buy?

Deciding on the type of camera that you need for a particular task is yet another complicated question that you need to solve as a YouTuber. Although it calls for high consensus over the fact that the range of diversity in cameras is pretty high, the following is a list of the most popular kinds of cameras that Youtubers use professionally.

  1. DSLR cameras

Widely known for its versatility, DSLRs are an excellent option with their diversified and efficient applications. These cameras are highly recommended until you are very sure you want to go for any other particular product.

  1. Mirrorless cameras

The newest bloomer in the world of camera, this is undoubtedly the most promising and popular type of cameras.

Competing with DSLR in terms of versatility and quality, they are surely the future of cameras. However, what may concern you is that they prove to be expensive in terms of investment.

  1. Sports and Action cameras

One of the most useful and important kinds of cameras at present is the action cameras. And with good reasons. This ‘one of a kind’ camera has amazing features for changing what is impossible into possible.

Capturing the most difficult shots at different locations like underwater and sports moments, it is the sheer wonder.

The unique technological blend of this camera may be termed as the greatest assets to videographers who are enthusiasts for sports and filming first-person angles.

  1. Camcorders

These camcorders are a cheaper version of video cameras that are probably the aptest choice for home videos and other trivial uses.

These are mostly found in a resolution that ranges from standard to high definition. What needs special attention with this camera is marking the quality of still photographs here. Most camcorders are capable of doing so.

However, the performance varies widely. Cameras that offer inbuilt flash, a dedicated photo shutter button & photo scene mode will be most probably the best performers.

  1. Point-and-Shoot

Well-known for its commendable versatility, these cameras prove to be a traveler’s delight. It allows you great travel comfort.

You do not need to bear the pain of lugging around a DSLR. Plus, it fits in your pocket seamlessly.

  1. Mini video cameras

Popularly known as pocket-cameras, small cams, etc. a mini video camera is a great pick when it comes to pocket-size, travel-friendly camera.

The camera proves to be great for filming concerts, kid videos, or merely any type that you may need to fit a camera in your pocket.

What is your budget?

The budget consideration is probably the pivotal point in a successful video camera buying experience. This not only saves a lot of money but also helps you to choose the most appropriate product according to your requirements.

Speaking in relation to the same, the price range of video cameras has a wide spectrum ranging from as low as $200 to as high as $2000.

However, this factor is completely dominated by the type of camera that you choose to buy. For instance, DSLRs, mini recorders, digital cameras, some variants of action cams would most probably come in budget-friendly range. However, the picture for professional-grade cameras turns out to be a little expensive.

What to look for in a Camera for YouTube?

While YouTube vlogging has made it to the top 10 most coveted professions these days, there still lies a chink in the armor. Posting on YouTube certainly does not guarantee you success. It is with the right implementation of the apt tools that will take you towards success gradually.

Thus, while you go on to buy a camera that is specifically used for a purpose, here is a checklist that you should always consider before investing your money in one:

  • Lens quality shall be the most important factor while you buy your Vlogging camera.
  • Optical image stabilization is yet another important factor that should not be neglected.
  • Inbuilt microphone is always a desirable factor for vloggers.
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi is always an extra bonus that will help you in the long term.

What type of videos will you be recording with your camera?

This is perhaps that one important question that can solve more than half of your camera buying experience.

YouTube offers a broad spectrum of video categories. Thus, it is essentially important for every vlogger to know their niche in and out. This not only helps them to grow in their profession but also leverages their insight about the same.

If you are planning to vlog indoors, then a cheaper set of DSLR would reasonably suffice. However, if you are planning for outdoors or low light conditions, you would certainly require a little more than this.

Be prepared with a camera that supports quality lightning and also ample gear for set-up.

If you are up for filming sports or action videos or is on a journey of film-making or wedding videography, you should keep the factors in mind to make the most of your camera.

Is sound important in your videos?

Being a Youtuber, you may be well acquainted with the importance that sound holds in your profession. Thus, if you have to really make the cut amidst millions of vloggers out there, sound can be a real deciding factor for you.

A video with crystal clear sound quality is always much appreciated than the flimsy, unclear one. To make sure you get your desired result, here is a checklist that you should always look for while buying your next vlog-camera.

(Any one of the following at minimum, shall be available with the device)

  • In-built and external microphones
  • Different accessories

On this note, the stock microphones for DSLR video cameras are something which is highly recommendable.

Following is a list of recommendable mics that you can use on the basis of your camera type.

DSLR cameras: Rode VideoMic Pro.

Action cameras and others: Several options are available in the market.

Vlogging or other desk applications: USB microphones.

Cameras that YouTubers Use

I know you enjoy watching your favorite Youtuber and their videos on YouTube. And you landed on this page to look for the best YouTube cameras and start your own YouTube journey.

So you might be wondering what cameras do famous and popular YouTubers uses?

So I sneaked into some of the popular Youtube channels to find out which camera does Youtubers use? Below are some of them.

What Camera Does Casey Neistat Use?

Casey neistat

Casey Neistat has a collection of many cameras and equipment for vlogging. Big Brands like Nike and Mercedez hired him for making their advertisements.

In this video, you can see that he uses Canon 80D (he also said he previously used 70D), Sony a6500, Sony a7s or a7rII.

And when it comes to Point & Shoot cameras, he uses Canon G7x, G7x Mark II, Canon S120.

What Camera Does Zoella Use?


She revealed in “What’s In My Bag” video that she uses Canon G7x Mark II for recording videos. It is the latest version of Canon G7x.

Later on in a video on her second channel, she showed that she uses Canon EOS 70D for videos that need the best quality.

What Camera Does Faze Rug Use?

Faze rug

He revealed in this video that he purchased Canon EOS 80D Camera to shoot his videos.

What Camera Does Marzia Use?


In a video, she revealed that she purchased Canon Powershot G7x. Earlier she used her DSLR which she stopped using as it was not comfortable to carry around while vlogging.

Even in a later video, she is using the same camera even though the latest version G7x Mark II is available in the market.

Most of the vloggers use these cameras uses Canon G7x, G7x Mark II, Canon 70D & 80D, Sony a7R II camera. These are the most popular vlogging camera amongst the vloggers.


If your only motive is Vlogging and you want the best vlogging camera under price tag then you can read these posts:

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And if you are looking for overall best vlogging camera then you can read Top 10 Best Vlogging Cameras for Vloggers – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Choose the Best Vlogging Camera. Here I’ve listed the best vlogging cameras (Overall) that include best vlogging cameras under $200, under $100, $300, $400, $500, $1000, $1500, $3000.

It also includes Guide to choose the Best Vlogging Camera, Vlogging Camera that YouTubers use, and some also I’ve also answered some FAQ’s which generally comes in the mind which picking up a vlogging camera.

I hope this guide helped you to choose your best YouTube camera. If you have something in mind, let’s discuss in the comments section below.

If this article helped you, do share it on social media. Thanks, and keep visiting 🙂

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