Best GoPro Remote Control – Review & Buying Guide (2023)

After several hours of research that led us to compare a dozen models, we established our selection of the best GoPro remotes, focusing mainly on reputable brands. Our choice was the GoPro Smart Remote Control - Compatible with HERO8 Black, MAX, HERO7..., which intuitively manages all the functions of a GoPro camera remotely, for a really attractive price.


GoPro Smart Remote Control - Compatible with HERO8 Black, MAX, HERO7...
This model is the best value for money in our comparison. Its functions are more than enough for athletes who want to control several GoPro action cams remotely.

With its impressive 180m range, waterproofing, and wide compatibility with the GoPro range, the GoPro Smart Remote can match the expectations of people who want complete control of their GoPro from their wrist.


GoPro Remo Waterproof Voice Activated Remote (GoPro Official...
This remote targets an even more precise clientele than its competitors: sportsmen for whom even accessing a GoPro remote would prove difficult. It is controlled mainly by speaking.

The GoPro REMO remote control relies on extreme simplicity: it consists of a single big button. The majority of functions are accessible by voice. So even when playing an intense sport where you don’t have your hands free, the GoPro REMO can start or stop your recordings. It is, however, only compatible with the HERO5 Black and HERO5 Session.


The Removu R1 is the only GoPro remote in our comparison to offer a two-inch screen that shows what a GoPro is filming. It also features the classic features of a GoPro remote, such as shutting down and turning on the recording. If you have a GoPro Hero 3, 3, or 4, the Removu R1 can be very beneficial for specific uses, but unfortunately, it is not compatible with newer versions.

Best GoPro Remote Control

Best Choice & Cheap
GoPro Smart Remote Control - Compatible with HERO8 Black, MAX, HERO7...
Best mid-range
GoPro Remo Waterproof Voice Activated Remote (GoPro Official...
GoPro Smart Remote Control - Compatible with HERO8 Black, MAX, HERO7...
GoPro Remo Waterproof Voice Activated Remote (GoPro Official...
Best Choice & Cheap
GoPro Smart Remote Control - Compatible with HERO8 Black, MAX, HERO7...
GoPro Smart Remote Control - Compatible with HERO8 Black, MAX, HERO7...
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Best mid-range
GoPro Remo Waterproof Voice Activated Remote (GoPro Official...
GoPro Remo Waterproof Voice Activated Remote (GoPro Official...
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How to choose the best GoPro Remote Control

GoPro cameras are mainly aimed at athletes who are looking to immortalize their sessions. GoPro camera remotes target an even more specific niche: people who want a way to remotely activate these cameras, even if they are on their heads, on a car, or simply difficult to access.

In addition, GoPro remotes do the same job overall as the official GoPro app. These devices are therefore intended to replace your smartphone, to keep it safe in your pocket.

We selected a model for each of the ranges and combed through the different characteristics:


Which models work with which GoPro remote control? Unsurprisingly, compatibility is an indispensable part of buying such a device. There are GoPro remotes that only work with one specific type of action cam. Others, on the other hand, are compatible with many versions of GoPro.


This is a setting to take with tweezers. If you’re diving, kayaking or just walking around a water amusement park with your GoPro, remote control sealing is essential.

The depth these devices tolerate varies greatly from model to model, but beware: don’t expect to use your GoPro remote underwater! Indeed, aquatic areas are an obstacle to the wi-fi waves needed for communication between these devices and GoPros.


An extra hour of battery life or less than the average can change everything, depending on the activity you practice with your GoPro, or simply on a trip. Consider with particular attention the number of hours that the GoPro remote is able to hold depending on your use.


If you attach your GoPro to your helmet or bike, the maximum range of a GoPro remote is of little interest. For other specific uses, such as filming animals, the journey of a remote-controlled car or on a windsurfer, the range of the remote control is crucial.

The number of GoPros managed

Some devices can only control one GoPro camera at a time. If you have several action cams, this is a parameter to take into account. Beyond a certain distance, note also that GoPro models react more or less well to remote control signals.

In our research, we have seen that few firms have entered this sector. Of those we have been able to identify, the majority offer cheap products, but do not meet our standards in terms of reliability. So we only took into account the products of serious companies for our comparison.

From the dozen models previously identified, this rigor in the reliability of the brands and the consultation of many videos of real tests finally allowed us to remember only 3 GoPro remotes as the best of the moment.

1. Best Choice: GoPro Smart Remote

GoPro Smart Remote

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The GoPro Smart Remote is an official remote control that fits in the palm of your hand. Because of its small size, it fits easily into the back of your pocket, and you can easily wear it on your wrist with the fitted strap.

It is not afraid of water, thanks to its waterproofing up to 10 m. Keep in mind that once submerged, it will not be functional since the water is an obstacle to the necessary wi-fi between the GoPro and this remote control.

What models does the GoPro Smart Remote support? With the exception of the 360-degree Max, the manufacturer announces compatibility with all models with wi-fi: Fusion, Hero 6 Black, Hero 5 Black, Hero 5 Session, Hero 4 Black, Hero 4 Silver, Hero Session, Hero – LCD and Hero. The settings button is not functional with GoPro Hero 3 and Hero 3.

The interface of this GoPro remote is simple: it has a wide button to launch or stop a recording, or to take a picture. Another is used to change mode (photo, video…) or to turn on and off your GoPro. The last key is used to access the parameters of the cam action.

When the recording is on the way, a red LED flashes on the GoPro Smart Remote. You can see on the screen the duration and resolution of the recording.

With a range of 180 m, you can easily control up to 50GBPro remotely, which is useful if you want to take pictures of the same event from various angles.

This model has its own unique charging cable. Its battery is about three hours, a figure in the average Of GoPro remotes and which will allow you to control the recording of a long session of sports.

The GoPro Smart Remote is therefore for all athletes who are looking for a simple solution to remotely drive one or more GoPro without difficulty from their wrist.

2. The best mid-range GoPro remote: GoPro REMO

Gopro Remo

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It is arguably the easiest GoPro remote control to use. It thus consists of a single large button that allows you to start or stop recording a GoPro Hero 5 (black or Session), or even take a photo. An LED flashes blue to indicate in particular if the GoPro REMO is correctly paired. It flashes red if it has received your voice instructions.

Indeed, it seeks maximum ease since it can be controlled by the voice. You can say “GoPro record video”, “GoPro take burst” or “GoPro Shut down”, and the burst will run. In addition to a visual alert, you also benefit from haptic feedback since the remote control vibrates to let you know that the order has been transmitted.

The GoPro REMO charges with a USB-C cable. It is waterproof to 5 m, but like the other models, you cannot use it while swimming since the water is an obstacle to wi-fi, necessary to relay with the GoPro.

It works correctly at 30 m. On the other hand, GoPro REMO cannot manage several GoPro simultaneously. It is only compatible with the Hero 5 version.

Even though this is an official GoPro model, several people have reported a defective battery – check if it is working properly if you order one. Regarding the battery precisely, this model without a screen has the best autonomy of our comparison, with no less than eight hours of operation.

With such a capacity and especially its voice recognition, the GoPro REMO is aimed at a very specific audience: GoPro Hero 5 owners who are looking for a model with great autonomy, but above all who have their hands too busy to press the d button. ‘a GoPro remote control. This device is therefore aimed at those who practice sailing, skiing, or even skateboarding.

3. Best high-end GoPro remote control: Removu R1

Removu R1

The Removu R1 makes it easy to control, using three buttons, the recording, the photo-taking, or the settings of the GoPro. It is the only model in our comparison to having a two-inch color screen that greatly simplifies travel in menus.

But this screen hides another major quality: the broadcast of what the GoPro films with a delay of three seconds; a delay due to the Wi-Fi of the GoPro and not to this remote control.

Therefore, Removu R1 is not suitable for people too absorbed in their sports activity to look at the screen. If you’re fixing the GoPro on a remote-controlled car, a tripod, or want to check that the angle of your cam action is correct, this model can meet your expectations.

Keep in mind that the official GoPro app lets you control it and see what your cam action is shooting: the Removu R1 targets people who want to leave their smartphone in their pocket.

Note that you can drive a GoPro located at a maximum of 70 m from the remote control. When it comes to water resistance, the Removu R1 is not waterproof but is resistant to splashing. Its battery lasts about three hours, making it the least autonomous model in our comparison. However, it is possible to cut the screen to extend the battery.

Honorable mentions: TELEISN Smart Remote for GoPro

Telesin: The Telesin remote for GoPro is compatible with GoPro Hero 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, and Fusion. It has four buttons: one to launch or stop a recording, one for highlights, one to turn off and turn on the GoPro and change mode, and one for settings.

This device targets people who are looking for a simple remote control at an attractive price. It is included in the honorable mentions because Telesin does not meet our standards of brand reliability. Without a website, you can hardly turn against the manufacturer in case of a problem; be careful.

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