Check for Duplicate Content – Tools and Tips

Checking for duplicate content and plagiarism is very important. Duplicate content is a common issue which you would often find in search engines. Duplicate content is known as the content which exists on more than one URL. Duplicate content can be created deliberately as well as unintentionally, and this is why we would suggest you be extra careful when it comes to publishing or submitting content.

Experts recommend that you religiously check your work for duplication and plagiarism issues every time you create new content.

If you are finding problems because of plagiarism or want to avoid duplicate content issues in the future, then we would recommend you to read this post. In this article, we have listed some of the best tips and tools which would help you avoid and check plagiarism.

Checking plagiarism with online tools!

Checking plagiarism with online tools is very important as they are more efficient than any other manual checking technique. Now there are many reliable plagiarism checker tools, but obviously, we cannot discuss all of them in one section. So below, we have listed out the most effective options for you:


Duplichecker, as the name tells us, is the platform that can help you check duplicate content. This plagiarism checker is based online and offers a free package that can cater to your basic needs. The plagiarism checker by Duplichecker is very easy-to-use that can be utilized for the checking of all sorts of content and writing material. If you want immediate and accurate results, then we would suggest you give Duplichecker a fair chance. You can use it on any device you want.


This plagiarism detector is also a web-based site that can provide you with free as well as paid packages for plagiarism checking. You should know that this online plagiarism checker uses AI and advanced technology to check intentional as well as unexpected traces of plagiarism in your content. The pro version of this plagiarism checker is capable of screening out duplication in more than 25000 words.

By using these plagiarism checker tools, you can check plagiarism mistakes with complete accuracy!

Tips to avoid plagiarism

There are many tips that can help you avoid plagiarism, but below we have listed the most effective tips for you:

Cite your sources and recheck them

The most important tip that you would find on the web is that you have to cite your sources. You have to let the search engine and the people know about the source that helped you with the idea. Citation involves writing the name of the source, the day it was published, and also the style guide to which you are adhering.

Include quotation marks

Another common way to avoid plagiarism is by simply adding quotation marks to the content that you are copying word by word from the original source. Sometimes you have to state facts, figures, or common knowledge for your readers. This kind of already published content needs quotation marks.

Paraphrase content

The best way to get rid of plagiarism accusations is by paraphrasing the original source. You should know that paraphrasing is the technique that refers to the rewriting of content in such a way that the original idea/message of the source is not compromised. In other words, rewriting content in your own words is known as paraphrasing.

Present your ideas

The best way to get rid of plagiarism is by simply working on your research skills. You should come up with your own ideas and opinions instead of relying on others. The more you personalize your content, the lesser would be the chances of you getting accused of plagiarism.

Why should you check or avoid plagiarism?

If you are wondering why you should check plagiarism, then you obviously don’t know about its consequences. Here we have listed out some of the common and adverse effects of plagiarism.

  1. First, you should know that plagiarism is unethical and would result in a bad reputation of the writer.
  2. Plagiarism is also considered to be illegal in most parts of the world, so you can expect legal troubles because of it.
  3. Plagiarism is actual infringement of the intellectual property of another person, and so you can face huge penalties if you are accused and found guilty.
  4. Plagiarism can simply stop you from growing and learning. Once you plagiarize and get away with it, you would make it your habit.
  5. If you are in school, then you can face loss in credit hours, financial aid and can also end up getting expelled in severe cases.
  6. You can lose your job if you are accused of plagiarism as a professional writer.

There are many more adverse effects of plagiarism, but for now, we would suggest you use the tips and tools that we have mentioned above for you guys.

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