Cherry MX Clear Keycaps & Keyboard – (UPDATED 2023)

Mechanical keyboards are very popular due to the high-quality keys, which are often activated by springs.

Cherry MX is one of the best manufacturers of keycaps and keyboards if you are looking for a mechanical option.

You won’t see the quality of Cherry MX but will definitely experience it while typing or programming.

The high finishes and durability of Cherry MX keyboards have made them popular with gamers across the globe.

Cherry MX Clear Keycaps & Keyboard

The keyboards and keycaps from Cherry MX are reliable and based on technological advances located beneath the keycap. The keyboard industry considers German-based Cherry MX to be a benchmark product.

The products are most popular with typists, programmers, and gamers due to the impeccable quality and responsiveness of the keyboards.

Cherry MX Keycaps

Cherry MX has created three main ranges of keycaps to suit the Cherry MX, or other, keyboards. The ranges are MX Original, MX Special, and MX Low Profile.

All of the keycaps have similar features and work in the same way but there are small differences between the ranges. Each range also has its own set of keycaps within the range.

The Cherry MX Clear set is worth mentioning in more detail. It has a clear internal part, similar to many of the other color options available.

The Cherry MX Clear switch is better than the MX Brown version and has a clear operating pressure. A strong keystroke will let you feel the engagement of the switch.

The best comparison to the Cherry MX Clear keyset is the traditional rubber keyboards but these have cheaper switches and will not perform as well as the MX Clear.

The Cherry MX Clear keyset has tactile switches with a detectable switchover. The actuation point is 2mm below the starting position of the key switch and bottoms out at 4mm.

A typical force of 55g is required with each keystroke to engage the spring resistance. A slightly higher operating force of 65g will push the stroke over the switch and engage the key.

Cherry MX Keyboard

If you are looking for a good typing keyboard then the MX Clear is a great option, especially if you start to hit the keys harder as you gain more focus.

It will help to prolong your keyboard’s life and give you a better response to your typing method.

Cherry MX Keysets

Cherry MX Keysets


The keysets from Cherry MX are unique and innovative. The keysets and keycaps all work on a linear switching motion with a set operating force.

There will be a pre-travel distance where the switch will then click in to reach the total travel of the keycap. These factors will depend on the range of Cherry MX you are using and the specific item within that range.

The Cherry MX Original range includes the following keysets:

  • MX Red
  • MX Black
  • MX Brown
  • MX Blue
  • MX Silent Red
  • MX Silent Black
  • MX Speed Silver

The MX Special set includes:

  • MX Green
  • MX Grey
  • MX Clear

Finally, the MX Low Profile range includes:

  • MX Low Profile Red
  • MX Low Profile Speed

Each range from Cherry MX will have its own unique features and the products within each line will vary slightly on the operating force.

The colors denote the different operating force levels and you need to select one based on how hard and fast you usually press the buttons on your keyboard.

Another feature that differs between the products is how audible the clicking sound will be on the keyboard.

Cherry MX Silent Switches – What You Should Know?

Cherry MX Silent Switches

Cherry MX Silent Switches are a great option if you do not want to hear the keystrokes.

The Silent Switches forms part of the MX Original range and is completely inaudible providing you with a seamless experience. The silent sound comes from several key characteristics of the Switches.

The switching is based on a linear keystroke with operative force. The initial travel is 1.9mm with a total travel of 3.7mm.

These proprietary technologies have gained a patent for Cherry MX, which makes them the sole manufacturer of this remarkable technology.

There are five layers to all Cherry MX key switches. The technology differs slightly depending on the specific product you have chosen but the basics stay the same. Here is a breakdown of the layers.

Upper Housing

The precision CAD component forms the top of the keyset and is typically what you will see on your keyboard.

It is constructed from plastic polymer and has a very small tolerance. The small tolerance guides the switch to the perfect position.

Switching Slide

The Switching Slide is sometimes called a stem as it is the connection between the upper housing and other internal parts.

It is made from plastic polymer with exacting precision to give the correct amount of pre-travel. Patented technology within the stem helps to reduce noise from your keystrokes.

Gold Crosspoint Contact

The crosspoint has a gold base and can be seen as the heartbeat of the keyset. It creates durability and reliability due to triangular construction and 90-degree angles.

The enclosure cleans itself to avoid trapped dust particles and for precise electrical contact. The gold plating is anti-corrosive and will work for a minimum of 50 million keystrokes.

Precision Spring

A coil spring within the key switch will compact and release with every keystroke. The pressure on the metal alloy spring will self-adjust to provide optimal support for your typing force.

Housing Base

The housing base is the final part of the key switch and can be found at the bottom. It has two main purposes. The first is to contain the inner switching parts and the second it to adhere to the keyboard’s surface.

Cherry MX has some of the best keyboard products on the market and is well worth your money. The superior technology, quiet operation and backlighting give a rich feel to the keyboard.

The Cherry MX products come highly recommended and will make your computing experience much easier. It is a great product for vast amounts of typing, playing competitive online games, and programming.

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