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Anyone with a back problem will tell you that back pain is the absolute worst. Because of the sensitivity of the region, especially if your back pain is directly related to your spine, options for immediate pain relief are either surgical or non-surgical. While surgery can help relieve you of back pain, it can be quite difficult to go through with it.

Most doctors refuse to operate patients with issues directly attached to spine because of how delicate the region is. Because of this, patients often have to look for non-surgical options to help them with their back problems.

Painkillers are the first thing patients are prescribed with, but this can be made complicated with the fact that their effects are only timely. The pain can come and go, and often times it’s quite difficult to sit for long periods of time or sleep due to the intense pain patients will face.

However, there is another alternative to painkillers, and that include support belts. These claim to give your spine the support it needs to retain a shape which minimizes pain. Because of their recently popularity, today we have decided to talk about one support belt in particular.

You’ve probably seen a lot of advertisements and infomercials about Dr. Ho’s Decompression Belt. While the adverts claim to get the job done, there’s really no review available which gives you objective opinions about this belt.

Therefore, we decided to look at Dr. Ho’s Decompression Belt in particular to check if it really is as good as the infomercials and advertisements say it is. So, if you’ve ever wondered if the belt actually works then you’ve come to the right place! Read on to find an updated Dr Ho’s Decompression Belt review and decide for yourself if it’s actually worth it.

Dr Ho’s Decompression Belt Review

According to advertisements, Dr. Ho’s Decompression Belt uses the 2-in-1 formula to provide relief to your back pain by using what is called the “traction and decompression” procedure. Basically, what it claims to do is to keep weight off your back, stabilize it and help set it at an angle so that your spine and muscles are relieved.

Additionally, it is also meant to make your back, back muscles and core a lot stronger by giving it the support it needs. This is supposed to relieve stiffness as well as help with your posture so that you feel minimum pain.

Once you’re wearing the belt, you’re supposed to attach the pump provided with the Decompression Belt and inflate it so that the belt can expand. The point of this is to decompress your spinal discs, thus putting added pressure off them and the muscles around them so that stiffness can decrease and thus, the pain can subdue.

The decompression belt claims to have been endorsed by medical professionals and it is designed to avoid the continuous usage of painkillers which can lead to addiction, and also avoid surgery. As we mentioned, most doctors do not recommend surgery because of the delicate nature of your times.

Other times, patients prevent surgery because of work commitments and the cost- the Dr. Ho Decompression Belt claims that you won’t need surgery if you continue using it.

The instructions are quite straightforward, and you’re meant to use the belt for about thirty minutes for three or four times a day. It can be worn under your clothes to help you walk around more frequently and relieve any pain you may be experiencing.

There are two sizes available- size A and size B. Size A is designed for individuals with waists between twenty to forty-one inches while size B is designed for forty-one to fifty-five inches. Since Dr. Ho’s Decompression Belt is regarded as a medical tool, you can even get the cost of it covered by your insurance. Now, isn’t that great?

However, this still begs the question: Does it work?

Dr Ho Stress Belt – Does It Work?

Dr Ho Stress Belt Reviews

Now, we’ve looked at the makings of the decompression and how it works and after looking at reviews of others on the product and testing out our own, we’ve come to the conclusion that the decompression belt works well but it does depend on the severity and the scale of your back problems.

Most people with problems originating from their hips will find this belt to be quite helpful. Now, it does make you more aware of your posture when you sit or stand because you’re constantly made aware of the fact that you’re wearing this inflatable belt.

The traction and decompression frequency depend heavily on the amount of pain you’re feeling as well. We’ve found that these sessions can be adjusted according to your problem so don’t think too much about that. Just make sure that your doctor knows that you’re using the product and you’re good to go.

Dr. Ho Back Belt Medicare

Dr Ho Back Belt Medicare

As we briefly mentioned before, the Dr. Ho Decompression belt is Medicare-approved for US customers. This means that as someone under the Medicare insurance plan, you can benefit from this product to help relieve you of pain.

Dr. Ho has a good reputation for providing clinical-grade medical equipments for patients and the back belts have been used by doctors for over a century. Don’t be shy to ask questions about how it would fit well with your particular condition. As we’ve mentioned above, the pain relief depends on your unique case so if it doesn’t work out, don’t be shy to say so.

Other Hophysio Belt Reviews

In the end, it’s important that you try things that work for you alone. If you feel as though the Dr. Ho Decompression Belt isn’t for you then don’t force yourself to use it. It has a thirty-day money-back guarantee so if you’re not satisfied, then you can return the product.

There are plenty of other Hophysiotherapy equipments and belts which will suit your needs. For example, there’s an array of inversion tables and back decompression equipment available so do check them out!

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