Feisol Ct 3441sb Review – Feisol Tripod Review (2023)

Want to know how serious or good a photographer is? Simply take a look at his/her tripod. A tripod is must-have equipment for any photographer.

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No matter where you are taking pictures or in which location you are in, what matters is something that provides you with a perfect base for you to create those beautiful scenic pictures.

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For those who love to capture everything when they are on the road, the Feisol CT3441sb is a tripod that every photographer would love to have.

Constructed of durable carbon fibre, which reduces its overall weight to a great extent and when packed in its bag, the entire set-up will weigh only 1.45 kg.

Feisol CT 3441sb

Being lightweight you can easily carry it with you with other equipment that too without adding any extra load on yourself.

The tripod can be efficiently folded to a length of 43cm and can achieve a height of 183cm. The highly innovative design of this tripod enables it to flip its legs 180 degrees over its 2-section telescopic centre column.

The tripod also features a twist-lock design that enables you to twist and lock the same with ease without any hustle.

The CT3341sb comes with Feisol’s premium CB-30D Ball Head, which allows for free movement of the camera at all axes of rotation that to from a single point.

The entire set-up also includes the Feisol’s QP-144750 Quick Release Plate, which allows you to install and remove all camera attachments easily and efficiently.

The basic function of a tripod is to simply to hold your camera, but the camera should be steady, no matter whatever is happening around it.

Hence, all those perfect clicks that your camera will be able to take are because of the strength and rigidity a tripod provides to it.

Hence, as expected from Feisol, the CT3441sb also fulfils our expectation with respect to being one of the best super light-weight traveller tripod with great stability.


  • Rapid anti-leg-rotation technology
  • 8 cm leg tubes equipped with aluminium alloy screws, enable lightweight operation
  • 183 cm maximum operating height
  • Only 43 cm when folded
  • Lightweight & very durable frame that weighs about 1.45 kg
  • Can be used by two different spikes, hence you can use it on variety of terrains
  • 25, 50 and 75 degrees – pre-set angles
  • Package includes – tripod bad & hook
  • Support up to 20 kg
  • Seamless friction control movement
  • 2” base diameter
  • 3/8” head attachment fitting
  • 4 leg stages or sections
  • Twist leg lock
  • Sliding 2-section telescopic column
  • 2 centre column sections
  • On ball head bubble level

Feisol Tripod Review – Should You Buy?

No matter how good a thing it, sometimes we need to look in a bit more to really understand whether the respective product fulfils your requirements or not.

Hence, let us see a bit in detail how good is the CT 3441sb and is it the right tripod for you?

Feisol Tripod Shooting

There are a few very peculiar features that even a layman would look for when buying a tripod for himself/herself, such as:

  1. Standing steadiness

One of the most important features of a good tripod is not only to provide a steady platform but also to do the same when you are taking macro shots.

The CT3441sb which comes with a screw present on the bottom of its central column allows you to mount its ball head right underneath the tripod.

This technology simply puts your camera about 2 inches above the ground, which is an awesome feature and enables you to take beautiful shots of small insects or anything that is very minute or delicate.

The only drawback of this feature is that it leaves your tripod to loom over the subject, hence when clicking some pictures of minute insects, it might scare away them easily.

  1. Swapping Cameras

The CT3441sb comes with quick release plates that screw to the bottom of the camera and both these, the plate and camera can easily slide off the tripod head and be easily removed or swapped.

The entire process will take about a few seconds only, and even when you remove both these from the tripod, the camera is still placed firmly on the clamps.

The CT3441sb also features a button on the head of its tripod to release the restraining pins.

  1. Movement

One more important thing that a good tripod should exhibit is the capability to turn your camera while it is mounted on the tripod.

Feisol CT3440sb, in this case, provides you with very smooth operation. A slight twist from the main lock knob will allow you to move the camera anywhere on the ball head. The entire set-up is very smooth and will not cause any jerky movement.

Feisol Tripod Shooting

When it comes to shooting, the Feisol Tripod is considered to be one of the best products available in the market.

As it is not only light-weight but also very smooth and efficient in working with. Talk about anything, changing the camera or folding the tripod no matter what it is, its innovative build technology lets you perform everything with ease and finish.

Feisol CT 3441s Review – How Does It Differ?

There are only a few minor differences between both the models, the CT 3441sb and CT 3441s from Feisol.

CT 3441s has a bit less operating height, which is 176 cm, whereas the maximum operating height of CT3441sb is about 183cm.

The CT3441sb weighs 1.45 kg, whereas the CT 3441s weighs around 1.19 kg, whereas most of the other features are similar in both the models.

In any case, if you are going for CT 3441s, we would recommend you to switch it with CT 3441sb, as with this model you get a more on operating height and a bit of extra weight provides the required stability to click those absolutely perfect pictures.

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