Grammarly Free vs Premium – Is it worth paying for Grammarly?

Whenever it comes to the best grammar checking tools, Grammarly is the top name that we get to hear. Even Grammarly is not just a top name, but it does offer you the best in the business services. Using Grammarly is pretty easy and comes with browser extensions, MS Word add-ons, desktop software and so on.

However, there are still quite a lot of people are there who are confused about Grammarly Free and Premium version. Just in case if you belong to those people, well let us draw a Grammarly Free vs Premium comparison.

This way you will be able to figure out the difference that both of the services has. But before that let’s just know why Grammarly and not any other tools.

So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time.

Why Grammarly?

Grammarly is one of the best grammar checking tools, and there is no doubt about it. The tool has been on the internet since quite a lot of time, and over the time it has gained huge popularity.

The best part of the Grammarly is that it helps you to check all type of documents. No matter if you are writing a research paper, or doing your homework. The tool will always help you in the best way possible.

You can check out this video which may answer your question about why you need Grammarly.

The tool is also widely popular around the bloggers, freelancers. Even there are so many institutes who use Grammarly for their daily needs. It can help you to fix your grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, comma errors and so on.

Even I personally use Grammarly (I’ve used premium version too) and almost all of my articles written on this blog are checked with Grammarly.

However when we talk about the Grammarly Free vs. Premium. Well in the free version there are certain limitations also you don’t get the plagiarism checker. A plagiarism checker can be a very useful tool for the bloggers and freelancers.

Grammarly Writing Support

But the question still remains how accurate Grammarly is? Well, let’s answer to this question.

How accurate Grammarly is?

Grammarly free is extremely great, and we cannot complain about this. It allows you to detect comma errors, spelling errors and a few grammar mistakes too. And the free version would be enough for most of the people.

But if you are really serious about your writing and do not want to create mistake free writings, Grammarly premium is all you need. The free version sucks at times because it restricts you to make advanced changes.

However, this is not the same case with Grammarly Premium. But if we talk about the accuracy, well no matter if you are using the free version or premium the accuracy is there.

You will not get disappointed. But yes, the free version sucks at times and does not allow you to make advanced changes.

Here is a side by side comparison of Grammarly Free vs Premium:

Grammarly free vs premium comparison

Top Grammarly Features

Now let’s just quickly have a look at the top features that Grammarly is offering. This way you will be able to understand the difference between Grammarly Free vs Premium.

Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly premium comes with plagiarism checker. If you are someone who publishes content regularly on the web, then you already know how important it is to write fresh content.

However, figuring out if it is a fresh content or copied one is a bit tough work. However, with Grammarly premium, you will easily be able to check plagiarism.

As a result, you won’t have to pay for any other plagiarism checker separately.

Lots of Tools

There are literary quite a lot of tools that you can use to check your grammar. You can use the desktop software, or you can use the browser extension. Or you can use the Microsoft Word add-on.

Moreover, the Grammarly is also available for Android and iOS users. And all these tools can be used for free. But again, for extra features, there is a payment that you have to make.

Easy to use

Using Grammarly is extremely easy. You would need nothing but a stable internet connection. Just paste the text that you want to edit to the Grammarly editor. After that Grammarly assistant will automatically start detecting mistakes and you can fix them with just one click. Isn’t it something really cool?

The best part of Grammarly that we have liked is that no matter if you are using the free version or premium you get the same features and tools.

Grammarly offers you a browser extension for your chrome, Mozilla, Safari and other browsers. So whenever you type something on your browser, Grammarly will automatically start detecting the mistakes and suggest you the best.

In addition to that, you get Microsoft Word add-on which allows you to look for grammar mistakes directly from your MS Word. However, the add-on is available for Windows users only.

Overall, Grammarly is extremely easy to use. You can upload your documents or paste the texts into the editor.

After that, you can easily use Grammarly assistant to sport the mistakes, and you are all set. The whole process is fast and extremely accurate and helps us to get done with the job.

Grammarly Plans & Pricing

Grammarly plans and pricing

As you can see in the above image, the monthly cost is high i.e $29.95/month, but it will cost you less if you purchase it quarterly i.e $19.98/month and most cheap if you purchase it annually i.e $11.66/month.

Grammarly Free vs Premium: Should You Switch to Grammarly Premium?

In the end, the question is, Should You Switch to Grammarly Premium or not? Well according to me Grammarly free is great for basic needs. It can help you to detect small grammatical mistakes, spot spelling mistakes and find the comma errors.

But if you want to improve your writing style to the next level. Then Grammarly premium is all you need. Grammarly premium is a tool that is built for the professionals hence you get features like plagiarism checker.

Hence it cuts down the cost of using any other plagiarism checker. Also, it suggests you lots of improvements which eventually helps you to improve your writing. So you better go ahead and give the Grammarly premium a try.

Anyway, that was all for the Grammarly Free vs Premium. If you have any more questions, do feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below and we will surely help you out.

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