How to Get More Instagram Followers in 2023

Growing your Instagram following is necessary. The website Increditools recommends that if you have a larger following you will reach more people and generate more engagement and sales. So, today I am going to show you my top tips to get more Instagram followers.

Make getting followers your primary goal

Marketing on Instagram is a lot like marketing on any other social network, you need to have goals. Most of the time people don’t make goals and their messaging becomes confusing. They tell their followers to do a little bit of this and a little bit of that. As a result, the account sees a few results here and their or no results at all. So, if you want to get more followers, you should make getting them your primary goal and then work towards getting it in every post you publish.

Don’t try to divert your attention to getting sales or engagement or building your brand during this period as you will confuse yourself and your followers.

Publish quality content

People follow others on Instagram because they want to see quality content they like. So, do your research to figure out what content your audience wants to see and then publish quality content in the form of videos and images.

Do some extra research to see what your competitors are posting and what is working for them. As you can create similar, but better versions of the content. This will help you stand out and drive even more engagement.

Use paid techniques

If you want your account to grow quickly instead of taking your time to grow organically, you should invest in paid techniques to speed up the process. Here are some paid techniques you can use…

Buy an account: There are many sites out there where you can find Instagram accounts for sale. So, the most straightforward way to go grow your account is by buying one with a lot of followers, engagement, and a strong community. But be careful while choosing an account as there are a lot of people who try to sell accounts with fake followers.

Influencer marketing: A lot of influencers will promote your account in exchange for a fee. They usually share a piece of content and link back to you. If you have the money, you should try this technique out. You could also try shout for shouts if you are on a budget. This is where you promote someone else’s account on your account and they return the favor by promoting yours. You can use your own account for this or use a second account where for a shoutout for your main account you offer a shoutout on your second one.

Ads: Another powerful and straightforward technique to grow your account is through ads. You can simply create an Instagram post with a call to action that asks people to follow you and then run ads that get your post in front of people who aren’t following you. This can get a lot of followers. After you gain some followers, you can also do the math to figure out how much it costs to get a follower and then set aside a sum for it.

Promote your account everywhere

You can use the above techniques to promote your account on Instagram and get some followers. But if you want to take it to the next level you should promote it everywhere. This should include your website, your other social media pages, and websites and social media pages of influencers.

Engage with strangers

Another technique that very few people use while building their accounts is engaging with strangers. If you spend a small part of your time every day on the Instagram explore page and like posts of strangers some of them will check out your account and follow you, especially if you are posting quality content. So, make this a habit. You can do it when you are on the go on your mobile phone. It doesn’t have to be very long – 15 to 45 minutes a day will suffice.

Stay glued to your analytics

Your analytics will help you understand who is engaging with your account and which posts are getting you the highest engagement and followers. If you study it and take steps based on the data, your account will grow far more quickly and you will also be able to use the data to generate more sales.

So, keep a close eye on your analytics. You can either use Instagram’s built-in analytics tool or a third-party tool. Third-party tools can also be used to understand your competitors better and compare your performance against theirs.


These are the different steps you can take to get more followers. Begin implementing them today!

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