5 Ways How to Make Mac Faster for Gaming

Whenever someone thinks about a platform they would like to play their video games on, MacBooks are hardly the first option.

Apple computers have been known to be the go-to option for work. Be it graphic design, data analysis, or customer support; a Mac seems like a more fitting option for professional needs rather than gaming.

You can also add the fact that macOS poses some issues when you want to run exe files on the computer. Not to mention that not every game is compatible with the operating system.

Having said all that, despite notable drawbacks, you can still find plenty of available video games on a MacBook and enjoy yourself. Apple has been putting more and more effort into improving the overall MacBook hardware, and this translates into a better overall gaming performance and experience.

On the other hand, those MacBook owners who have relatively old devices might feel that they do not have as many options as they would like. If a video game runs poorly, giving up on the idea of playing it is a common approach.

However, before you do that, why not try to improve your MacBook’s performance, which also affects your gaming experience? Let’s take a look at ways on how to make Mac faster for gaming.

Scan for Malware

The first thing you want to do is make sure that the computer does not have malware and other cybersecurity threats.

Even minor computer viruses are annoying enough to snowball out of control and cause significant computer issues.

Macs are known to be less prone to malware, but it does not mean that you can rely entirely on built-in security measures.

Find reliable antivirus software and use it to scan the device thoroughly. As soon as the scan reveals a corrupted file, eliminate it from the laptop.

Once your MacBook is malware-free (if it had any in the first place), you are bound to notice a much smoother performance when using the device.

Consider Hardware Upgrades

One of the downsides of owning a MacBook is that you cannot really upgrade or replace hardware for most models. Apple manufactures its computers in a way that the consumer has to stick to the integrated pieces.

Nevertheless, there are some exceptions, particularly when it comes to external hardware upgrades.

For example, your Mac might have an open port or two to insert additional memory. Or, you could consider purchasing an external graphics processing unit. External GPUs are quite popular among laptop owners these days. And if you have the money to spend, you are bound to end up with a GPU that is an upgrade over the integrated hardware piece already in the MacBook.

Get a Cooling Pad

Various laptop accessories are a great way to improve your experience. A cooling pad happens to be one of the best examples.

Playing video games consumes a lot of resources and puts a toll on the internal hardware. The fans inside your Mac will struggle to keep up with the hardware demands. Overheating and loud noises are an issue you cannot ignore.

A cooling pad reduces the problem since it generates a significant amount of fresh air to keep the internal temperatures lower. And considering how relatively cheap a cooling pad is, you should not hesitate to get one if you are thinking about how to make Mac faster for gaming.

Pro tip: Other than getting a cooling pad, you can also consider cleaning the dust inside the MacBook on a regular basis. The filth inside clogs the internal fans, and removing the dust ought to make things better.

Check Activity Monitor

Since video games take up a significant portion of available computer resources, you want to reduce redundant processes running in the background.

On a MacBook, open Activity Monitor and sort processes by different metrics to determine which of them are consuming the most resources.

If you notice an application that you forgot to quit or another random process that has no place to be running in the background for the time being, close it and free up resources that the computer system can dedicate to a video game you are playing.

Free Up Storage

MacBooks do not have that much total available space. Add the fact that most contemporary video games require a decent amount of free storage on a computer, and you are left with a problem.

There is no rule of thumb as far as the minimum amount of free storage on a computer goes. Some sources claim that 20 or 25 percent of free space is enough, but the percentage is arbitrary.

The bottom line is that you need to think about which files you can delete permanently or move to external storage. The goal is to free up as much computer space on your Mac so that you have one less problem to deal with when gaming.

The video below shows how you can thoroughly work on freeing up space on your MacBook:


All in all, there are multiple ways to make your Mac faster when playing video games. By following the information shared in this article, you should be able to create a routine that you can stick to. And when you try most if not all suggestions listed above, you should notice a significant improvement in your computer’s performance, and not just when playing video games.

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