Here’s How To Render Immaculate Intro/Outro Content For Your Video Podcasts

“A podcast is a great way to develop relationships with hard to reach people,” says Tim Paige. Video podcasts are capturing the attention of advertisers because of their increasing marketability. Almost everyone either has their own podcast or seeks them out regularly.

Research shows that there are more than 750,000 podcasts till date. There are many people who like to listen to content in a podcast form. Despite its vast popularity, it is a challenge for producers to make their content be seen and heard.

The main part of a podcast is, obviously, the content. However, to retain the attention of the people who clicked on your podcast, it is necessary to have an impactful intro. Also, to leave a lasting impact on listeners, it is equally necessary to have a quality outro.

Podcasts and Videos

Before getting into ways to render immaculate intro/outro content for your video podcast, it is imperative to understand the important elements of the intro/outro content of a video podcast.

Essentials of the Intro

Following are the important elements for an intro for a video podcast :

1. Podcast Name

The first and very obvious element of a video podcast is the name. It gives an identity and imparts brand value. Create a name that gives people an idea of what the content is about.

2. Episode Title

Each episode has to be given a separate title in the beginning. Like a podcast name, the episode title should inform listeners what the episode contains. Try to create an appealing title that would make the listener want to watch the episode.

3. Episode Number

Episode number gives chronology to your podcast. This helps the users in matching your audio with the audio transcript of the episode.

4. Hosts’ Name

People would want to know who they are listening to. So, mention the names of all the hosts in the intro of your podcast.

Besides the above essentials, you could also include other elements. These can be taglines, music, sponsor names, record dates, network IDs, and disclaimers, according to the content you are producing.

Elements of the Outro

Having understood the essentials of the intro, let’s have a look at the elements of the outro. Note that an outro is not as significant as an intro for the success of your podcast because many listeners do not listen to outros. However, without a meaningful outro, all your hard work may go in vain, and hence, it is necessary to work hard on it as well.

1. Show gratitude

Use your outro to show gratitude to your listeners for listening to your podcast. This is a must to be included in an outro. You should thank the people who are making your podcast successful.

2. Give credit

It is necessary to give credit. Just like in a movie, use the outro to give credit to the makers of the podcast. This will make your video podcast look professional.

3. Ask people what you want them to do

It is not a necessary element, but you can ask your listeners what they want you to produce. You can appeal to them to buy a product or a service, leave feedback in the comments section, or join your Facebook community or group. You can also remind them to listen to the next podcast in your outro.

You can change the outro of your podcasts, depending upon your needs. For example, you could ask people to join your Facebook group in the initial episodes. After a good number of members join your group, you could urge them to keep the page active by interacting with its content.

Tips to Render Immaculate Intro/Outro Content

Following are some tips that you can use to render intro/outro content –

1. Voiceovers

Many people standardize intros and outros of their podcasts for every episode. However, it is not necessary to do so. What ultimately matters is that the voiceovers should be such that they catch the attention of the listeners.

It is advisable to take some professional help for creating the intros/outros of your video podcast. You can take the help of a free invitation maker online to create an impactful intro. This brings additional value to your podcast.

2. Music

Music can create a huge impact on your podcast, especially in the intro, as it sets the mood of the listeners. It is very necessary to select the right music and put it in the right place. Take professional help from websites like InVideo to add sound to your podcasts.

This does not mean that you have to compose your own music. You can buy the rights to use music from other creators on the web. Do remember to choose something that complements the content of your video podcast.

3. Slideshows

Since you are creating a video podcast, you could use impactful slideshows in your podcasts. You will need them, especially for intros and outros. It takes a lot of hard work and skill to create a good slideshow.

You can use professional slideshow makers to help you with this. However, does windows 10 have a slideshow maker? Well, the inbuilt one might not have enough features to satisfy your needs. You can instead use websites like InVideo that offer creative and feature-packed slideshow makers for windows 10.

4. Uniqueness

There are so many podcasts available on the web. Why would listeners listen to your podcasts in spite of others? To give your listeners a reason to watch your content, you should be sure that your podcast is unique and different from others.

Since many people decide whether to watch a podcast by looking at the intros, it is advisable to be unique as early as possible. Try to be unique in your intros. This will engage the people who click on your podcasts.

Create Your Intros/Outros The Right Way

These were some tips that you can use to create immaculate intro/outro content for your video podcasts. Hopefully, you are now ready to create or edit your intros/outros the right way. So, start rendering successful video podcasts by adding immaculate intros/outros to them.

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