Lorex Vs Night Owl Security – Costco CCTV Reviews (2022)

A statistic reveals that homes that don’t have any security system installed, have 3 times higher chances of being burgled. Irrespective of this statistic, having any form of a security system for your home is always better than having nothing at all.

There are a few very popular and reliable brands in the market such as the Lorex, Q-See, Swann and Night Owl. All of these brands offer some very efficient and reliable devices to ensure your house is safe and secure.

Costco CCTV

Costco CCTV Reviews

Costco is a place where you can find all sorts of equipments to secure your house or any small commercial space. The company operates with a very simple philosophy, “Keep costs down and pass the savings on to our members.”

The company until now has offered some of the best deals to all its members that come with a risk-free 100% satisfaction guarantee. Becoming a member is very easy, join them online or via a local store.

They offer three types of memberships to choose from – Online Only (Annual Subscription), Trade or an Individual.

A normal member can at any time upgrade himself or herself to Executive Membership and enjoy various benefits such as a 2% reward on eligible Costco purchases.

As already stated, choosing the right kind of security system which aligns with your requirements is a very difficult task. So here we are with a small comparison between two of the most popular brands, which offer a great and very efficient piece of devices to secure your home.

Lorex Security System

Lorex is a brand that is ideal to be placed at home or small commercial place. The company has a very wide range of surveillance systems under its umbrella.


The basic set from Lorex security systems comes with 4-high resolution bullet cameras with a resolution that is absolutely perfect to identify the face of any burglar.

Lorex Home Security Costco

The cameras during the day time do the recordings in color, whereas at night the same switches to black and white.

To ensure better clarity in the night the 18 LEDs present in the outside rim of the camera are activated and provide an efficient night vision range of 50 feet.

The complete equipment comes with a 24-hour monitoring capability and to save space in the DVR, the device efficiently uses its motion-activated features and hence gets activated only when some movement is detected.

The security system comes with the ability to transfer live feeds on any capable device such as a computer, android phone or iPhone.

Lorex Vs Night Owl Security – Costco CCTV Reviews (2022) 1


  • All-in-one security system
  • 50 feet night vision
  • Cameras can be extend depending on your requirement
  • 1-year limited warranty
Lorex Vs Night Owl Security – Costco CCTV Reviews (2022) 2


  • A bit noisy or loud DVR fan
  • Camera resolution a bit low compared to other similar devices

Night Owl Surveillance System

Since its beginning in 2009, Night Owl has become a very popular and preferred brand when it comes to safety and security of your home.

With a range of products from residential devices to corporate settings, the company also provides separate DVRs and cameras, for those who need something for very small or compact spaces.


Night Owl comes with many security systems features with both wired and wireless devices. Most of their products have about 4 to 8 cameras with a cable, remote control, wireless mouse, proprietary software, DVR System, hard drive, mounting hardware, and security stickers.

The security system features a push notification alert system and informs you when somebody enters your premises (when you are away).

It is not just the video but also audio that these devices can capture. The entire system can even be used to communicate with the people inside your home. Simply, connect the camera to your mobile app and use it as a virtual intercom.

The company also supplies individual video recorders and cameras, if you are thinking to add some additional unit for surveillance.

Lorex Vs Night Owl Security – Costco CCTV Reviews (2022) 1


  • Equipped with analog, DVR and NVR security system
  • Easy to install either DIY or call a professional
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Equipment comes with a 2TB pre-installed disk
  • Powerful security app
  • HD Night vision
  • Remote monitoring from any able device
Lorex Vs Night Owl Security – Costco CCTV Reviews (2022) 2


  • Suitable for home or small businesses, not that efficient for big corporate offices
  • New company
  • Analog camera’s, obviously have poor capability

Lorex Vs Night Owl Security – Which Is Better?

Considering the features, ease of use, efficiency and above all the price range, Lorex is definitely one step ahead of Night Owl. Lorex is a perfect DIY installation system that is not only secure and very efficient but also extremely reliable.

If you are looking for something that can easily and effortlessly monitor your home or office space, then Lorex with full-featured cameras and the DVR system is the right choice. But for those who are looking for something more than a commercial security system, should try out the Night Owl.

Night Owl has a number of things that can upgrade or add some additional units to your security system, whereas Lorex prefers to keep things simple, as they offer everything in its basic form coupled in a single device.

Night Owl also offers you a built-in video space for about 6 months free of cost. They also have a range of analog and wireless pieces of equipment to choose from.

But being an established business, especially in the security industry, Lorex definitely excels in terms of ease of use, it is simple to install and you don’t need any professional help to guide or help you with the same.

Both the brands share some similarities, especially in terms of reliability, efficiency, and ease of use but yes for those who are looking for a much wider range and some additional equipment’s, Night Owl is a perfect pick and for those who are happy with one set of security system, Lorex is a brand you should associate yourself with.

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