Mitakon 35mm F 0.95 Review – Mitakon Speedmaster Review

Zhongyi Optics has until now introduced a range of lenses under the umbrella of Mitakon “Speedmaster” series, all the pieces from this series are not only very reasonably-priced but are well-constructed super-fast manual focus lenses.

The latest 35mm F0.95 also falls in the same category, here is a Mitakon 35mm F 0.95 Review that will clear all your doubts

Mitakon 35mm F 0.95 Review

1. Handling & Build Quality

Constructed with metal and glass the lens will give you a very old school feel. With a weight of about 460 gm and size 63 x 60 mm, this is a stocky lens that is very solid when you hold it in your hands.

Some of you may find it to be too heavy for Fujifilm bodies but the same works excellently with X-Pro2. With other models such as the X-T2, or anything with a smaller body, you might feel that the centre of balance is too far forward and it is like supporting the lens more than the body while holding it.

The lens exhibits an aperture ring placed at the front of it and is de-clicked. The only drawback is that the aperture ring is too easy to knock from the position it is in. Use of a lock switch with the ring would have solved the problem.

Although, the de-click feature is very useful for video shooters, but if you are someone who is more into stills then you might find it a bit cumbersome to use.

2. Sharpness – Optical Quality

With an aperture of F0.95 the lens is beautiful to operate with and the sharpness it exhibits is amazing. Stopping it further down, actually increases the contrast and sharpness both while reducing the chromatic aberrations.

One thing to mention here is that it is all about centre sharpness with this lens. Because the corners are very soft wide open and when it comes to extreme corners nothing much can help with respect to detail at all until F/11 or F/16 is used for close distance.

3. Vignette

This lens is an absolute must have for those who love Vignette, but can be a bit difficult to work with for those who don’t enjoy a vignette.

4. Bokeh

This is what the speedmaster range from Mitakon is known for and many people specifically buy it for the Bokeh. This is perfect to achieve that butter like smoothness in the background. The lens will not at all disappoint you at all.

Background are soft and will fall away very quickly at f/0.95. Even the out-of-focus areas are very pleasant. The wide open “cats-eye” shape “bokeh balls” are very distinct and pleasing, however remember that while stopping down you might see that the edges render of the nine aperture blades very clearly and if you like it, the same is worth shooting wide open.

5. Colour Rendition

When it comes to colour rendition, well this is some of the best lens that produces a really nice look. It is never too warm or too cool.

Mitakon 35mm F 0.95 Review

Please go through the list of features to know the Mitakon 35mm in a better way:


  • Manual lens
  • Max-format size – APS-C
  • 35mm focal length
  • Sony E / Fuji X / EOS-M – lens mount
  • 95 maximum aperture
  • F16 minimum aperture
  • Includes an aperture ring
  • 9 diaphragm blades
  • 11 optic elements
  • 35mm minimum focus
  • Includes a distance scale
  • 5 degrees – angle of view
  • Lens weight – 460 g
  • Lens diameter – 63 mm
  • Lens length – 60 mm
  • Outside colour – black
  • Zoom method – rotary
  • 55mm filter thread
Mitakon 35mm F 0.95 Review - Mitakon Speedmaster Review 1


  • Good rendition of fine detail
  • Pleasing bokeh wide open
  • Deep vignette
  • Good & sturdy build quality
  • Ultrafast F0.95 aperture
  • Balances really well with Fuji cameras
  • Smooth hand accurate focusing ring
  • Good sharpness
  • Excellent manual focus
Mitakon 35mm F 0.95 Review - Mitakon Speedmaster Review 2


  • De-clicked aperture
  • No auto-focus
  • No electronic communication with cameras
  • The aperture ring often slips, maybe because it is click-less
  • Lens hood not included
  • Flare can be a bit difficult to work with
  • Pin lights immediately begin to render aperture blades the moment you begin stop down

Mitakon Speedmaster Review

Mitakon Speedmaster includes a range of manual focus lens. The range includes some of the most popular models from Mitakon, such as:

  1. Mitakon Speedmaster 50mm f/0.95 III
  2. Mitakon Speedmaster 25mm f/0.95
  3. Mitakon Speedmaster 65mm f/1.4
  4. Mitakon Speedmaster 35mm f/0.95
  5. Mitakon Speedmaster 42.5mm f/1.2
  6. Mitakon Speedmaster 85mm f/1.2

The Speedmaster 50mm f/0.95 III is also known as the new Bokeh monster, which is specifically built for Sony FE, Canon RF and Nikon Z.

Here are a few samples


Tarion Vs Mitakon

Both the companies Tarion and Mitakon are well known for their own product range. Tarion is based in England, whereas Mitakon comes from China (Japanese investment).

Tarion is specialized in providing almost all very durable and sturdy accessories to go with your photography gear. Whereas, Mitakon specializes in lens and various other related accessories.

All Tarion accessories are compatible with Mitakon range of products and you can find an ideal match to suit your comfort no matter you what you choose.


The Mitakon Speedmaster 35mm f/0.95 is a very good product to have especially when you look at the price tag it comes with. Although, a bit expensive when compared to a Fujifilm lens, but in this range you are getting the versatility especially in low light and the freedom to play with your depth of field.

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