Mixars Duo Review – Mixars Duo Serato MKII (2023)

Some would say that all mixars are the same. Mixars duo is also like other mixars, for instance it includes two channels, vertically arranged RGB pads and much more. However, these are just some of the basics you get to find in a mixer and just to provide an overview, we have presented the best mixars duo review you can get on the internet

The type of Mixer you want prefers from one person to another. Although the job of every mixar is to provide a play battle of various songs at a party, each of the mixars have their own set of prescribed features and usage.

They vary from design to design and from type to type. Sometimes people prefer having mixars that have a very complicated outlook as that feeds onto the sophistication of their play battle. People sometimes love layouts that are advanced and complex-looking. These sophisticated looking Mixars usually have loads of inputs and this only complicates things to a wide extent.

Mixars Duo Review

Mixars duo is a mixer designed for DJs who love mixing various audios together. It has a two-channel plug which makes a play battle even faster than before. The DUO has an eight RGB backlit pads for cue points and sampler controls.

This makes a play battle interesting and even easier than before. It even consists of 2 USB connections so that you can integrate it with other devices.

It has a unique layout which makes it a number one preference to various customers across the globe. It has a wide variety of features that separates it from other mixars and makes it a global preference.

There are people who don’t prefer such hassles. They want to have a mixer that is free of these complications. Mixars Duo is a simple looking mixer that is very ‘low key’, that is free of these complications which makes it easier to use. It does not take the entire desk into account and it provides as much functionality as others.

Mixars Duo MKII

It is small on space, but it does its job very well. Each part of the Mixar Duo is unique to its design and preference. This makes the Mixars Duo an extremely interesting choice to have. This is what perhaps makes it unique as compared to all the other mixars that are out there.

The font panel of Mixar Duo is functional. It has a bunch of controls which are useful when you are performing something live and with intense amount of intensity. It also consists of two controls, curve and reverse controllers which helps you control both input channels of the Mixer.

You can put in a crossfader cut-in-control, split cure switch in order to make it even more interesting than before. In the top panel of the Mixars duo there are two sides, each of which represents a different channel and each of this is equipped with its own set of knobs and switches.

Mixars Duo Serato

Mixars Duo Serato

The mixer is very similar to the Mixar Dual Serato MKII. Serato provides a loop that controls the two together. The ability to switch banks is quite good, considering that the alternatives are time and energy consuming. Even though the mixer has a few effects, it’s only compatible with a few of them.

This doesn’t affect many DJs, as they would have another analogue effect filter as a separate piece of equipment anyways, and not to make up for the drawbacks of Mixars Duo.

What makes it even more interesting is how each of these music softwares become integrated. It is easier to download music using Serato in dual mixar. It does not crash, stops or pauses while the Mixar Duo is used in a live concert or a show.

It works hand in hand with Serato music. This is because both the music companies have a contract with each other which syncs in their playlists and songs making it easier for both of them to cooperate together.

This cooperation makes it easier for DJs to perform and play their mixes. It also makes it easier for them to construct new mixes using the ones that each of these have. Mixar Duo Serato MKII is also interconnected to one another especially since the Serato is already installed in it.

When you purchase a Mixar Duo, the Serato software is also supposed to be usually purchased with it. Mixar DJ integrates with the Serato DJ very well. It is free from problems or complications It can also be plugged in with the Serato DJ Mixer, DJM-S9.

It also consists of 8 RGB backlit pads which means that it can easily be connected with the Mixar Duo Serato MKII without any complications and troubles. It also has a set of dual USB, and a new Magvel Pro scratch crossfader with unique adjustments and features.

Mixars Duo Vs Pioneer s9 – Which Is Better?

Although the front part of the Mixars duo is easy and less confusing, the back part of the Mixars Duo is where the complications lie. There are loads of inputs and output portals in the Mixars Duo. There are also many switches for each two channels and a ground pole for each.

The overall sound quality of the mixar is high. The sounds’ intensity is very high and of good quality. Apart from this, the cost of the mixar is also relatively cheaper than others. This gives in more plus points as two why you should purchase a Mixar Duo Serato MKII.

Compared to that, The Pioneer S9 looks and feels like a proper DJ controller, even though it is relatively light for its weight. That’s one of the first things we noticed about the mixer and then went to look at its features. It’s got two master outputs and a quarter inch Booth outputs that go well when comparing the combo XLR to a mike.

Additionally, it’s a two-channel mixer so you’ve got enough place for two CDs to play. We would like to notice though, that the Pioneer s9 seems to be designed with only professionals in mind where as the Mixer Duo is easily adaptable for anyone. So, if you’re a beginner then choosing the Mixer Duo is a better idea.

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