5 most popular simulation PC games that you can play

Simulator games replicate actual life activities, be it mundane or adventurous. Simulation games provide us with a sense of ‘reality’ in a way action strategy games do not. Good simulation games show us why this genre is so popular. From weird adventures to accurate time sinks, simulation games are a great way to experience different periods or activities without being present physically. As the name suggests, simulation games simulate activities as accurately and realistic as possible.

The games that fall under simulation are broad and come with a lot of variety. Some simulation games include sports games, sci-fi fantasy games, or flight recreation games. You can play simulation games and travel back to the past, lead a virtual life, try a career in crime or become a great pilot. If you are inclined towards simulation games, here are a few of our favorite PC simulation games that you can try playing.

The core of Farming Simulator’s principle is the same: buy more fields, upgrade your equipment and enjoy the day-to-day farming activity. You can play the Farming Simulator game on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Google Stadia. Players claim this game to be one of the most authentic farming experiences without physically doing it. The game is enhanced by realistic visuals, updated tools, customizable farms, and rideable horses.

Even though Farming Simulator does not need intricate controls or accurate agronomy, it is not without challenge. Whether plowing a field neatly or unloading bales onto a trailer, it keeps the players entertained and surprisingly addicted to the game. Sometimes, Farming Simulator acts as a therapeutic break from high octave simulation games. PC games like Farming Simulator are not free-to-play. But if you cannot afford to purchase the game but would like to try it, you can always go to u1337x.org and download it from there for free.

  • Railway Empire

Railway Empire train simulation

Railway Empire is a train simulation game but with a historical twist. Set in the golden era of railway between 1830 to 1930, you are a proud owner of an ambitious new railway company. Plan and build your railway lines and run over a range of 40 historically authentic trains along with them. There are certain twists in the game. Alongside building railways, you have to make sure not to go bankrupt. Apart from rolling out the iron roads, you can afford massive customizations.

The fun part of the game is handling your company. You can hire employees, each with an individual personality to handle. Railway Empire is a realistic management game. Like any other realistic management, there are a lot of details to take in. But once you get the hang of it, the game gets better and better.

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator is an excellent simulation game now available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2 is one of the most ambitious games this year. Microsoft Flight Simulator recreates every aspect of flying to its last detail. Incredibly intricate details like hot air gushing out of the engines over the wing as you begin to charge down the runway or the droplets of rain on the windshield when the flight is over the clouds are praiseworthy. The flying is also meticulously simulated with detailed aerodynamic modeling, fully detailed cockpit and instrumentation, and real-time weather changes.

  • The Sims 4

The Sims 4

Players can play the Sims on PC, Xbox One, PS4. It is a real-life simulation game that enables players to make their avatars with customized body types and hairstyles. More importantly, you can select traits of your avatar to make it seem more realistic. Create a sim and start leading a virtual life in your way. You have the liberty to choose your professional romantic partners and even control their general behavior. The game does not have a pre-programmed end. It does not force you down a particular path but allows you to experience and play through the consequences of your actions. Although The Sims is very realistic, there are fun elements to it. You can try out your life with magic powers, experience paranormal activity, and even talk to ghosts.

  • Football Manager 2020

SEGA’s Football Manager series is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, Mac, iOS, and Android to play. This simulation game is insanely detailed, and you take over the role of club manager who transfers players, on-field tactics, staff instructions, and everything needed to set your team on the path of glory. The game has a wide range of possibilities. So, as a manager, you can witness the match unfold and play out directly influenced by your decisions.


Simulation games defy the very purpose of all the other games. Simulation games do not primarily aim to keep fun, and the players entertained. Simulation games are mainly made to lead almost real life but in a virtual world. Whether you want to fly above or you are willing to try your hand at farming, you can get a taste of leading that life through an almost realistic gaming experience.

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