Top 9 Best Social Network Sites to Promote your Website (in 2022)

After starting a blog and deciding on the Blog niche and contents the main thing left is the promotion. Promotion is essential for any blogger.

Many bloggers quit blogging due to the fact that they cannot generate the traffic or they are unable to get the visitors to their blog. Yes, it the difficult task to generate the traffic. For new bloggers, they have to maintain their patience as it cannot be generated by overnight. It requires some technique and some dedicated platform to share the contents of your blog to everyone.

Let’s understand this concept as an example. Imagine you are a manufacturer of SOAP which you want to sell. But there are already many soap manufacturer company in the market. So you have to promote your product, you have to tell the people that your product also exists and it how is better than others.

That’s where the social networking sites help us. In the above example, the company has to advertise their product on the TV channels. But here you have a good opportunity, as you have social networking sites which will help you to share your product.

Many times this social networking sites can do wonders with spending minimum bucks.

Here we are providing Top Social Networking Sites where you can generate the traffic for your BLOG.

Top 9 Social Networking Sites to Promote your Blog



Facebook is very useful for the bloggers and also for the people those want to advertise their product or their place (like their property or about the restaurant). It has made a great revolution in the promotion. You can join any group where you can share the links to your website. You can make a Facebook page for your Blog, and post about the contents. It has the benefit that you can create your own fan base and with regular updates and perfect sharing you can get the traffic. But you have to be patient.

If you are thinking that after making the Facebook Page you will get the visitors instantly, then you are wrong. First, invite your friends who all are interested in your contents. Then share the links to the similar niche groups on Facebook. You can also answer the queries which are often asked in the comments. In this way, you can get the popularity.



After Facebook the most used social networking site is Twitter. Twitting your everyday chores has become a habit for most of us. So you can get a decent amount of traffic using your twitter account. You have to make some followers, after that you can tweet about your contents or share the links to your blog so that your followers can your website.

Many bloggers give the updates and announcements through their twitter account. Twitter has a restriction in Post length, but if you know how to use it, it is will be very helpful for your blog.



One of the best platform to share pictures and videos is Instagram. As Instagram has a feature, linking to Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr. It becomes easy for most of the people to share any image or video on three different platforms just by doing it in one.

A large community is on Instagram, and you can get the visitors from this platform genuinely. If your website is about photography or some artistic blog then, this platform is best for you.

You can create an image for Instagram and display it into your dashboard for any updates for your website, this may also fetch you some visitor. You can also share some clips about your contents on Instagram, any news or some snippets of your vlog.



Tumblr is basically a social networking blogging platform. You can check our previous post where we have discussed about all the top blogging platforms in detail. We are putting Tumblr on the list as it is also a nice platform where you can build your fan base.

Since it is also used as a blogging platform, many bloggers will be present on this platform. You can interact with the people who belong to your niche or in a similar niche. It’s very easy to use, just like facebook,“write, add and share”.

We personally use Tumblr, and its good to maintain your daily chores and updates there, due to a platform similar to a blog. Here also you can follow some groups to share your contents.



Pinterest is for the pins or you can say the images. In Pinterest, you will be given a dashboard where you can create your own boards, which are none other than the categories. So in each board, you can add the pins or images.

For the people who are photographer can easily show their work there to attract many people.

For example, you have created a board name – Wildlife and on that board, you had added the pins or images of wildlife animals, trees etc. If any person searches for the term wildlife in the Pinterest, then all the pins related to wildlife will be shown to him/her. If he likes your images he may follow or he may save your pins to his dashboard.

In this way, the pins get shared or regulated through this networking site. You can get a decent and genuine amount of traffic through the Pinterest. You have to select the correct form of images and sharing techniques.



We all have visited this site to get some solution or we even asked queries here. We cannot say Quora a fully social networking site but it acts like that only. Many people are there who are ready to give the answers to your queries.

Have you ever thought that we can generate traffic from this site also? Yes, we can by giving them the solution.

People those who have asked something and if that question belongs to your niche you can clarify their doubts and also give them the link to your site. There will be many people having similar types of doubts. As your answer will be available, people will be visiting your site to know more about that topic and thus you can have new organic visitors.



Linkedin is basically for the professionals. Many of us maybe not in the Linkedin but those who are working in any company, their profile is must present in it. Linkedin connects all the professionals on one platform. If a person or a company who is looking for a Software developer to hire, then that company can contact the software developers through Linkedin.

Now how this platform is helping bloggers? First of all, we have to make an individual profile and fill up the genuine information regarding our profession and work. You also can connect your twitter account through this, so whenever you will tweet that information will also be displayed on your Linkedin profile.

Making the Linkedin profile gives you a good opportunity to interact with the professional. You can share your contents their also and you will get the most genuine feedback from there.



UPDATE: Google+ platform has been shut down.

We all have a Google account. Google also has its community based social network. In case you haven’t upgraded your Google account on Google+ you cannot use the facility. So you must upgrade your account to Google+.

After getting into Google+ you will be provided a dashboard, just like timeline facebook, dashboard in Pinterest, where you can add images, share links or post any updates. You can join in any community as per your choice. There will be an advantage that you can share the links to your community or group and gain the traffic.

You can add the Google+ in your website so that people can follow you and get the updates.



  1. Many bloggers are reluctant to go for the video content. They find writing more comfortable than the video editing.
  2. Many people think that you can get popularity in YouTube way faster than in any other platform.

Both the above points are valid. I will recommend the bloggers to just give it a try to the YouTube field also. You are providing the same content, just in the audio-visual form. You can present your contents with the help of animations.

If you are uncomfortable in front of a camera or in shooting then animation is the best way to present your contents.


I hope from the above topics you have gained the information of how social media helps in promotion. As promotion is a vital job for any successful blog to establish and also the difficult, you have to take the steps carefully. I will suggest you not to lose hope, sometimes you will feel like to just leave all the stuff I will recommend you to have some break and then again start working. You have to be patient and keep working

I hope this article had helped you, keep supporting and keep visiting our blog. 🙂

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