Three Solid Arguments Why Truth is So Difficult

We all want the truth, but it’s not very easy to accept. Most people regret knowing the truth.

A wise man once said that ignorance is bliss.

That’s because reality hurts. It’s usually not very pleasing and most of us want to be happy. We have but one life and we can’t spend it depressed.

That said, curiosity is also in human nature. We can’t help but ask questions and seek the truth. It would be much more fun to learn if it didn’t hurt us. Here I’ve discussed why truth can be so difficult to digest.

We Get Defensive Right Away

As soon as we hear that goes against us, we get defensive. You should notice in yourself that you don’t think about finding the right answer when the truth is against you. Your first response would be to look for an excuse or explanation for your actions or being.

Many people have to share real stories anonymously on The Doe because readers might get really offended and start looking for them. You would see many articles where people have shared experiences and realities that might include something against your nation, religion, community, or profession.

You would enjoy all those articles and learn many new things if your defense system and insecurities don’t kick in right away.

We are Not As Open-Minded as We Think

Are you open-minded?

Let me guess. Your answer is “yes” or “I believe so.”

The thing is, everyone thinks he is open-minded. However, it’s limited to only things that offend others. While you would advise others to be tolerant when someone says something that could be offensive to them, it’s unlikely that you would do the same if something is said that is offensive to you.

There is a limit to how much we can digest. If you really call yourself open-minded, you should not get offended at all.

You may create an opinion about the other person, but try to understand his point of view first if you want to be able to take the truth.

We Don’t Focus on Improving

Truth hurts when we believe we already know best about the subject. Let’s say someone says something about something that you know a little. If it goes against what you already know, you might not accept it, especially if it’s something you are proud of.

A person who wants to keep improving would always listen to everyone and keep trying to learn from everyone. You don’t necessarily have to accept everyone’s theory. You just have to be strong enough to not get offended, defensive, and offensive.

Listen to them and consider it as a valid argument. Do your own research and then form a conclusion. If you don’t have the time to do the research, you should at least not reject what you hear.

We are, sometimes, arrogant. This lack of will to improve and our arrogance makes it very difficult to hear and understand the truth. Developing these two qualities should be more than enough to make truth a bit bearable.

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