9 Video Editing Tips You Must Know

When making videos, creation is the easy fun part. Editing is more time consuming as you need to sift through all the content, determine what’s important and what isn’t, then edit it and tie it all together.

This can take up a lot of time, especially if you are new to it. This is why to give you some direction and save some time, I have shared my top video editing tips below…

Use good software:

While editing videos it isn’t just about the expertise of the person who is editing the video, but also the video editing tool they’re using. The better the software is, the easier it will be to edit the video. It will also save time and improve video quality.

Therefore, make sure you invest in the best video editing software. Many people make the mistake of using free and basic software. As a result, the quality of their content suffers.

Use a good computer:

While using good software, it is important to use a good computer. This is because an old and slow computer won’t be able to handle heavy-duty software. It will either function very slowly or crash constantly.

So, make sure you get yourself a good computer or borrow someone else’s.

Have a strategy:

Before you begin editing the video you should have a strategy in place. Think about your audience and the type of video content they want to watch. Also, make a decision on where you will publish the video. Then formulate a strategy around. In this, you should determine how long the video will be, what dimensions would be ideal, and if you’ll be creating one or several versions.

You can also get very specific about this and decide how long the intro, main content, and ending will be.

Use music:

It’s nice to accompany the video with some music. You can do this whether the video has any speech or not. Most software offer tunes to add to your video. You can either use these or find some on a video stock site.

Another option is to create your own music or hire someone on a site like Fiverr or Guru to create some for you.

Check mobile-friendliness:

A huge percentage of people will watch your video on mobile devices. So, make sure your video is optimized for mobile. You should download the video and watch it on both a phone and tablet after you finish editing it to check.

While doing this make sure that the content is easy to see and you can hear everything clearly.

Add subtitles:

83% of people watch videos on mute. One way to ensure more people finish viewing the whole thing is by adding subtitles. Subtitles will make it possible for people to follow the entire video. Therefore, spend an ample amount of time writing and adding the subtitles. They should be visible on both desktops and mobile devices. But at the same time, they shouldn’t occupy too much space on the video.

You might also want to create a transcript of the video while creating the subtitles as some people will prefer reading it.

Don’t be afraid to delete most of it:

While editing a video your job is to create the best version of it. This is why you shouldn’t be afraid to delete most of it. If something doesn’t fit in or if you feel that removing something from the video will make it better, you should discard it. Don’t be afraid to remove 80% of the video if you have to.

Be consistent:

Make sure you are consistent about the speed and video style throughout. If people don’t see any consistency, they will quit watching in between. This is why it’s important to create a plan and stick to it.

You should maintain this consistency not just in one video, but all the videos you publish. This will help you build a brand and attract the right audience that wants to watch all your videos.

Don’t be afraid to call it quits:

If you are having a problem editing the video and feel you aren’t doing a good job, don’t feel afraid to call it quits and outsource a professional. It’s never too late. The editor will be able to do a better job quicker.

You can also hire an editor to give you advice instead of asking them to edit the video. This might be affordable for the long run.


These are the top tips you should follow while editing your videos. Make sure you implement all of them today. They can seem complicated to implement, especially in your first attempt. That’s very normal. But after you get a hang of it, it will become very easy. So, take your time and practice will make you better.

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