How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting Provider (in 2023)

Are you looking to create your first blog or website with WordPress? If you’re looking to get started, you’ll need a web hosting to install WordPress.

To get started with WordPress is now a matter of minutes!

WordPress powers 28% of the internet. Most of the blogs or online stores you see on the web are powered by WordPress.

Top website owners plus we use and recommend WordPress as the best blogging platform in the world. And also we’re committed to empowering others to create your blogs, websites or online stores quickly (within minutes) and affordably. As the most popular website platform on the planet WordPress has allowed millions of ordinary people to build incredible websites with zero coding required.

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Web hosting is the backbone of your site and one of the key component for every successful blog or website. There are different types of web hosting options available such as Free, Shared Hosting, Dedicated Servers, and Managed WordPress Hosting.

Our goal in this post is to offer insights on the things you need to consider while picking a good WordPress hosting.

To make it easy for you, we’ve handpicked the best WordPress hosting companies which are consistently the top WordPress hosting companies regarding service, quality & support.

How to Choose the Best WordPress hosting?

So let’s see how to get started!

What are the WordPress Hosting Requirements?

WordPress is a very lightweight script yet highly powerful. Due to the popularity of WordPress, all best web hosting companies has made it available for WordPress to have easy one-click installation.

You need three basic things you need to get a WordPress website up and running, and these are –

  • Domain Name (such as
  • Web Hosting (Which allows you to store your information live on the Internet by renting you space on their web server).
  • One-Click Installation of the WordPress Platform.

All WordPress hosting companies that we have mentioned in this post comes with full support for running a WordPress website.

Things to Consider while Choosing the Best WordPress Hosting

✔ Speed & Performance

✔ Uptime Guarantee

✔ Reliability

✔ Security

✔ Support

All important factors that you need to consider while choosing your WordPress hosting.

However, the most important factor that you just should take into account is “Your Requirements” because evaluating your needs before buying your WordPress hosting will save you many bucks.

Types of WordPress Hosting

As we mentioned above, there are different kinds of web hosting options available such as Free, Shared Hosting, Dedicated Servers, and Managed WordPress Hosting.

Let’s see the options and then decide which Web Hosting is the best solution for your WordPress website.

Free WordPress Hosting

Don’t go with the word FREE. They aren’t actually free. Most of these types of services usually managed by a single person or small organization who are reselling a small part of their server space to cover up some bucks.

There may be some hidden tricks to cover up the costs of the free space on their hosting service. Most common is displaying unnecessary Ads on your site without your permission or showing links in the footer or other sections of your site.

The biggest downside of having a Free Host is they are unreliable, unsecured & no guarantee of any support. Your website may see multiple downtimes even for long hours. There is no surety that when these free hosting providers will stop offering their free services and leave you hanging at any time.

However, if you just want to blog for fun or time pass, you can consider creating a free blog on or which doesn’t offer much flexibility and has many limitations than

If you’re serious about having a great blog or website, try avoiding free WordPress hosting services at any cost.

Shared WordPress Hosting


Shared Hosting is the most popular and cheapest hosting used by beginners. So, plans in Shared Hosting are affordable and useful for new users (Even I started out with a Shared Hosting Plan). If you’re just starting out, then this option will be the best one.

Shared Hosting is where you share your website a large server with many other sites. Because of having multiple sites on a single server, the hosting provider companies offer shared hosting plans on a quite affordable rate.

The biggest catch we found out with shared hosting across all web hosting providers is that they provide unlimited resources. They aren’t fully unlimited. As it says unlimited, you still have some usage restrictions. Like if your website starts to take high server load (usually happens when your website gets high traffic), at that time they will politely suggest you upgrade your hosting plan which can manage the server load.

If any of the site hosted on the same server exceeds the resource usage limit, then they need to take action as it can have an adverse impact on the overall performance of the other websites hosted on that same server.

As your site grows, so will your overhead expenses.

Shared web hosting is the best solution for starting bloggers and small businesses.

WordPress VPS Hosting

V.P.S Hosting
V.P.S Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server means a virtual machine. VPS web hosting means you share the physical server hardware with other websites but the fact that you get allocated to a dedicated slice of the whole sum.

So what hosting companies do is divide a very powerful dedicated server up into separate virtual servers. Each virtual server gets its operating system and acts almost exactly like a real dedicated server.

The benefits of having a VPS hosting are less cost of a VPS which we can get to the price of a small dedicated server. Also, you’ve privacy of a separate physical computer which can also be configured to run specific server software.

VPS hosting plans are mostly used by intermediate level bloggers or developers.

If you don’t have much technical knowledge, then make sure that you purchase a Managed VPS means that the WordPress hosting provider handles all the system upgrades, and they can help you anytime if needed.

VPS hosting is best for high traffic blogs, designers/developers and medium-sized bloggers and business owners.

WordPress Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Hosting
Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting provides a website with its server space to host a website without having to share with any other site. It is a physical server that someone leases or buys to manage all the data.

In Dedicated Server Hosting the user gets full control over the server for customization of the server configuration in any way they want. It is more expensive than any other hosting model, as the one client only uses full resources of the server.

When you demand faster, high-end performance with security and compliance requirements, dedicated servers is the ideal solution.

You’ll not need a dedicated server if you are just starting out. When your website starts getting an extremely high amount of traffic, then you may consider upgrading to a dedicated server hosting.

If you aren’t much technical and have no experience with servers, then we recommend getting a Managed Dedicated Server.

So, WordPress Dedicated servers are best for websites which get an extremely high volume of traffic.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting means a hosting which is entirely dedicated and allows you to host only WordPress based websites and nothing else.

You already know how much popular WordPress is, so due to its high popularity web hosting companies had started offering managed WordPress Hosting. There are also some hosting providers who are entirely dedicated offering managed WordPress hosting solutions, the most popular ones is WPEngine.

The advantage of having managed WordPress hosting is that you don’t need to worry about anything. These managed WordPress hosting plans come with complete performance & speed optimization for WordPress. They make sure that your site is completely secure or not and keep regular backups. The support is great from the staffs of hosting provider with good knowledge & experience about WordPress. These hosting providers also notify and suggest you if any of your particular plugin, script or codings is slowing down your website.

So, Managed WordPress hosting is a hassle-free solution for fast & secure WordPress sites. While all these sounds interesting, the plans of managed WordPress hosting are quite higher and aren’t much affordable for beginners who are just starting out a blog.

Managed WordPress hosting is an ideal solution for established bloggers who can pay a reasonable amount of money for hosting their site.

So now you know about the options about the WordPress hosting and its time to make a decision now.

We have hand-picked the most popular and best WordPress hosting providers for you. Each of these WordPress hosting providers provides excellent services regarding performance, quality & support.

Best WordPress web hosting providers

Check out the list below of the best WordPress web hosting providers:


Bluehost is an award-winning web hosting company, started in 1996 (that’s before Google), one of the largest web hosts collectively hosting over 2 million+ domains. It is the only hosting service that is officially recommended by WordPress & has been at number 1 recommended hosting service for their platform for almost 10+ years. They have incredible 24/7 Phone Support. What is even more wonderful about going with Bluehost is that on purchasing web hosting, you will get a Free Domain Name which usually costs about 10$-15$ per year. Bluehost is the #1 choice for WordPress starters.

Still have doubts? Read our Bluehost Review.


Hostgator is a leading provider and is one of the world’s most famous web hosting companies of web hosting over 9 million+ websites. We hosted this blog on Hostgator for one year (June 2016- June 2017), and we are quite satisfied with their service. What we love about them is they provide monthly plans unlike most of the Hosting providers that don’t have monthly paying option and offers yearly plans. They offer 1-click WordPress installation, 99.9% uptime guarantee, and 24/7 support, and it’s an excellent choice for every website owner.


Siteground is the current favorite, most popular and highly rated web hosting company for the WordPress community. People are switching from other web hosts to Siteground. Even we switched to Siteground, and this blog is currently hosted on Siteground. They are again the one officially recommended by WordPress. With fast WordPress hosting, you get 1-click WordPress install, 99.9% uptime guarantee, and what most people (almost everyone) love about them is their quick 24/7 support. Your queries will get solved within minutes. In case you need help, they tend to help at their level best (Even offer paid resources for FREE in some sort of emergency like your site going down). So, this is again one of the best web hosting company for fast WordPress Hosting.

Still have Doubts? Read our SiteGround Review.

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting offers reliable and secure web hosting, started in 2001. It also comes 1-click WordPress install, 24/7 technical support and also a Free Domain Name. They also offer Free data backups & SSDs provides increased performance and reliability so you don’t need to worry about your WordPress website. InMotion Hosting is one of the best WordPress hosting company in this list, it becomes a perfect place to start your first WordPress website.


Dreamhost is an award-winning Web and WordPress hosting company hosting over 1.5+ million websites founded in 1996. It is one of the best WordPress hosting company that is officially recommended by WordPress. They offer 1-click WordPress install, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space & free SSDs which makes your site 2x faster. With all these features it turns out to be little expensive for beginners as compared to the other web hosts in this list. However, it turns out to be great web host for WordPress hosting, there are no setup fees, and you also get a free domain name which usually costs about 10$-15$ per year.

Best WordPress Web Hosting Comparison

You probably have seen the list of our recommended WordPress web hosting providers. Now it’s time for comparison. We’ve compared the most popular plans you need to start a website.

Web Hosting ProviderMost Popular PlanCost Per MonthMoney Back GuaranteeBuy Now (Discount added in the link below)
Bluehost LogoStandard Shared$3.95/month30 Days
Hostgator LogoHatchling$0.01/month45 Days
Siteground LogoStartup$3.95/month30 Days
InMotion Hosting LogoLaunch$5.99/month90 Days
Dreamhost LogoStandard Shared$7.95/month97 Days

Note: It might happen that you land on a page where the price may differ from the price in the table listed above, sometimes high sometimes low. As these are top web hosting companies, they keep making changes to their offers, plans & pricing. So make sure to check everything carefully before purchasing a web host. You might even catch them during a sale!


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  2. “best” is a relative term, what might be the best for you may not be the best for another. It all depends on what you really need and your budget. In my case I needed a reliable managed VPS hosting with affordable price which I found it in rosehosting.

  3. People should think wisely when looking for a hosting plan and to decide whether they need managed or self-managed service, shared hosting, VPS or dedicated server. Also, whether the location of the server is suitable for their targeted audience (if the speed will be good enough). They should take into consideration many factors in order to find the right hosting solution for them. I personally, would recommend them to look for SSD web hosting as the solid-state drives will improve their website’s speed, which is of great importance for the growth of the website. I am using an SSD WordPress hosting plan by BGOcloud and the speed is great.


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