Xo Vision Xd103 Review – Car Stereo Receiver With USB

Today, We will be covering about Xo Vision XD103 Review. As we all know, XO Vision xd103 is a perfect piece of equipment to upgrade your current car audio system. The stereo receiver comes with a USB port and SD card slot along with clarity and high precision in terms of sound quality.

The stereo receiver also comes with an FM radio that can play all your favourite music stations. You can also tune in to its MP3 player to listen to some of your favourite tracks.

An external auxiliary input enables you to connect your iPhone, Android phone or even iPod, with this stereo and listen to your playlists as and when you like.

Xo Vision Xd103 Review

MP3 – USB – SD Card Slot

The XO Vision xd103 is a stereo receiver that provide absolute freedom to all its users and enables them to enjoy their favourite music no matter where it is stored. You can use your USB drive or the SD card slot and play your tunes.

Simply insert the USB or your memory card in the SD card slot and you are done. The front LCD display panel will give you all the needed information regarding the soundtrack, folder, etc.

You can also listen to music from the MP3 via an auxiliary input and once again enjoy music in any format.

FM Radio

The XO Vision xd103 is an absolute must have even for FM Radio lovers. The given stereo receiver comes with 18 built-in pre-set music stations with which any user can get attuned to their favourite station very easily, without even putting much efforts to look for it.

4 Channel Audio Output

To deliver high quality music, the stereo receiver is equipped with 4 channel audio output along with electronic audio control and pre-amplified line out because of which it is a favourite among various music lovers. The audio output is 20 x 4 Watts maximum to deliver optimum results.

80 Watts Power Capacity

The XO Vision xd103 comes with a maximum power capacity of 80 watts hence is capable to deliver very high-quality music as output with incredible precision. Apart from that the system also comes with a half size Din depth for better result along with efficient usage.

Xo Car Vision Stereo


  • Model – XD103
  • Maximum power 80 watts
  • USB & SD Card slot
  • Auxiliary input
  • 18 pre-set FM radio stations
  • Dimensions – 8 x 7.4 x 2.2 inches
  • Weight – 15.8 ounces
  • Compatible with iPhone, Android and Samsung devices
  • Supports MP3 & WMA media playback
  • Height – 4 inches
  • Width – 9 inches
  • 12 Volt preamp voltage
  • Warranty – 1 year limited
  • LCD Display panel
  • Removable face plate

Xo Vision xd103 Manual

You can download the XO Vision xd103 Manual directly from its website or simply click on the link below:


The manual is very clear and precise with its instruction set and enables you to easily use and enjoy your new XO Vision xd103.

Xo Vision xd103 Installation

XD103 Review

Installing the XO Vision xd103 is very easy and by following every single instruction given in the manual the complete process of installation feels like a breeze. But for beginners here are a few steps that you should do to ensure that you install the system correctly:

  1. Always follow the removal instructions that are supplied with your vehicle (replacement dash kit)
  2. Check the factory radio plug
  3. Install any other accessories that you might have bought such as Bluetooth, microphone, etc.
  4. Start wiring your harness, follow the directions in the manual and you are ready to go


For the money, the XO Vision xd103 is a way too good deal. Although, a basic model that comes with a total output of 4 x 20 watts, its overall features such as SD card slot and USB port makes it a tough competitor of some high-end models.

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